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5 Things You Must Experience at Global Village Dubai

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Dubai is filled with countless destinations that every tourist wants to visit. Each place has its own unique reason to be visited and explored. Similarly, Global Village has become another top tourist destination. This destination alone has recorded over 9 million visits because it provides visitors with a unique experience. The village is filled with dozens of activities, which makes it ideal for everyone: families, friends, and couples.

Global Village Dubai has something in store for everyone. If you are looking for one place that offers multiple different experiences, then you should visit Global Village. The diverse cultural experiences make this destination a place for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their race and ethnicity. You can spend all your day here with your loved ones without being bored and make your Dubai trip memorable.

Scroll down to explore 5 things you must experience at Global Village Dubai.

Top Things at Global Village You Shouldn’t Miss

Global Village is the ultimate hub for exciting and unique experiences. If you are a thrill seeker, it has countless rides to get your adrenaline pumped. You can also explore the Global Village culture show, which is the most famous experience in the destination. At night, you can enjoy breathtaking fireworks and make photographs and memories with your loved ones.

Still unsure? Here is a list of top things you can experience at Global Village.

Explore the Pavilions

This is the main reason this destination has become famous. It features different pavilions that portray the culture, products, and architecture of different countries. This allows visitors to explore diverse cultures from different corners of the world in one place. As you explore these pavilions, you will be stunned by the little details and decorations that showcase the cultures.

These pavilions include famous countries such as China, Egypt, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and India. With so many cultures to experience, the Global Village keeps boredom at bay. You can also buy spices, accessories, perfumes, and clothes from each pavilion. However, getting access to the location can be overwhelming on a busy day. This is why people buy Dubai event tickets online to get hassle-free entry into the destination.

Experience the Cultural Shows

Along with the pavilions, the Global Village also has exciting cultural shows for spectators. These shows showcase the heritage of different countries, including their customs and traditions. Along with this, you can experience martial arts and performances that reflect the history, spirit, and identity of each nation. Some of these shows include:

  • Chinese Opera: This show includes acrobatics and acting to tell the stories of Chinese history.
  • African Footprint: This show portrays the richness and diversity of African culture with acrobatics and performances.

There are countless other shows too that you can experience as you explore the Global Village.

Try Out Special Cuisines

As you spend your day in the Global Village, you will crave delicious food at some point. This is why the Global Village offers countless restaurants to cater to your cravings. Including Persian Kabab Restaurant, Babu Town Restaurant, Al Farooj, Al Amoor, Al Haaj Bundoo Khan, Grand Barbecue, Koliba, etc.

Visitors can also enjoy various dishes from the cafes and street shops prepared with mouthwatering spices and ingredients. These dishes are represented from different countries like Europe, Africa, Asia, and the American continents. Whether you want to enjoy a family dinner or a casual lunch, these restaurants cater to everyone’s needs.

Explore the Old Dubai Heritage

Dubai has evolved rapidly over the past few years; however, people are still curious about its old heritage. This is why the Global Village also features a heritage village for visitors to represent Arabic traditions and cultures. It comes with countless attractions and landmarks that can amaze visitors.

Visitors can learn about the historical lifestyle, pearl diving tradition, and maritime glory. It is filled with dozens of symbols that portray the old Dubai heritage and make it easier for visitors to understand. The buildings also have wooden utensils and chests to allow visitors to deeply understand the old Arabic lifestyle.

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Ride the Carnaval

This is another reason why tourists head to the Global Village Dubai. It features over 30 exciting rides for people of all ages to spend quality time on and make your experience memorable. Furthermore, it has 25-skill-based games and countess arcade games that visitors can enjoy with family and friends.

The rides include Roaming Rome, Thai Twist, Cuban Dance, Arabian Horse, Miami Surf, New York Jump, Mumbai Xpress, and many others. There are also thrilling rides like Honolo Loop, Global Burj, Fly France, etc. Therefore, to enjoy all this, visitors are advised to buy tickets online to avoid any unfortunate scenarios.

Are You Eager to Explore Global Village Dubai?

There are only a few places in Dubai that offer countless experiences in a single destination. Whether you are with family or friends, this place can make your entire Dubai trip memorable. Feel free to grab your tickets online and get hassle-free access to the Global Village Dubai.

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