6 Strategies To Get More Google Reviews On Business Page In 2024

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For being the most popular search engine across the globe, snapilogue nanabeenanabee Google holds its ground. Google reviews influence local search engine rankings, impact local SEO, and help in online reputation management. This is the reason many local and big businesses started to embed positive reviews into website. Customer Reviews also provide social proof which attracts new customers and builds trustworthiness. 

As per the study, the CTR will go up by 35% when you have Google reviews on the search engine result page. Daily, more than 8.5 billion Google searches are happening for many products and services so you need to add Google reviews on your website. To show customer reviews on your website to attract more customers you need to add a Google review widget for website. In this blog, we will discuss how to get more Google reviews and why it’s important. 

Why Google Reviews Are Important?

If you are an owner of a small business and want to draw the redgif Pollaste attention of more customers then you must get discovered in Google search. If your business gets more Google review for your business then you can easily develop trust with your prospective customers. Here are some points: 

1. Builds Trust And Credibility- When you embed Google reviews into website along with the Google My Business listing, it will help to create trust and credibility. Towards generating more reviews, the first step is to list your business on Google. 

2. Helps in Making Buying Decisions- Before customers buy a product or service more than 89% of them read Google reviews. Google reviews help in making purchasing decisions for customers. 

3. Provides Better Visibility- If you have a Google My Business listing then only you get Google review. Google will ensure that your business is visible to relevant prospective customers if you have a high number of reviews. 

4. Better Local SEO Rankings- A local business will have a higher SEO ranking if that has plenty of reviews and a higher star rating and will be more visible on local searches. 

Easy Ways To Get More Google Reviews

You can use these below-listed methods to get more Google reviews and display them by adding a Google review widget to website.  

1. Set Up Your Google Business Profile 

Before getting Google reviews, you need to verify your 9xflix business with Google. You won’t be able to manage your business information like location, photos, timings, etc. if you haven’t verified your account. You also won’t be able to respond to all the Google reviews you received. Through, post, email, or phone, Google will verify you and you’re good to go. 

2. Just Ask For A Review 

One of the easiest ways to get more customer reviews is to simply ask for reviews. You are more likely to get more reviews when you ask for them in the right way and increase their quality at the same time. After a customer purchases a product or service from your business, you could ask for a review following up a couple of weeks through email. 

3. Display QR Codes 

Create QR codes linked to your review page and add them to business cards, promotional materials, and menus. This will make it easy for customers to scan and leave a Google review for your business. You can embed positive reviews into website and display them to attract more new customers. 

By providing a direct review link through your Google Business account, Google has made it easier than ever to receive positive reviews from customers. For your business, if a customer decides to leave a review, your website must be one of the places where they should head first. On your Google review page, add a CTA button and ensure it is easy to find. 

5. Customize The Experience Of Providing The Review 

It is one of the simpler methods just like using the name of the customer when sending an email. Before asking them to leave a review, it can extend to training your staff to build relationships with customers. The customers who write reviews for your business will feel a more personal connection with the service you provide. The more personal service you’ll provide the more willing they’ll be to leave a review. 

6. Responding To All Reviews 

Responding to all your Google reviews is a key element of your toü online reputation management and ensure you respond as soon as possible whether the review is positive or negative. A positive or good review will make you learn about your business while a negative or bad review will highlight improvement to focus on. 


Always remember when you embed Google reviews into website they are authentic and trustworthy. Adding a reviews widget to website will help you display more reviews but don’t try to take the negative reviews down. The aforementioned strategies will work out in your favor and help you in collecting more customer reviews. After applying these tricks, soon you will get more reviews for your business.

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