Explore the Best Trapstar Hat & Beanie Collection of 2024

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Explore the Best Trapstar Hat & Beanie Collection of 2024

Trapstar is one of the hottest streetwear brands leading fashion trends right now. Known for their iconic logo prints, bold designs, and must-have caps and winter accessories, Trapstar hats and beanies have become beloved staples in any hypebeast’s wardrobe.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Trapstar’s hat and beanie collection for 2024. Discover this season’s freshest caps and winter accessories to take your street style to the next level.

A Brief History of Trapstar London

To understand Trapstar’s caps and beanies, you first need to know the backstory behind this pioneering streetwear brand.

Trapstar was founded in London in 2010 by fashion moguls Mikey Trapstar and Lee Woodley. Embodying London’s creative energy and gritty urban style, the brand made waves with their edgy tracksuits, hoodies, jackets and premium basics marked by the iconic “Trapstar London” logo.

But over the past decade, Trapstar has become globally renowned as a leader in streetwear fashion and a favorite amongst celebrities like Skepta, Stormzy, AJ Tracey and more.

Trapstar is considered a status symbol in many hip-hop communities for its instantly recognizable logo and marketing tactics that intentionally limit supply to increase exclusivity.

After gaining respect in the streets and urban fashion world, Trapstar now sits at the intersection of music, fashion, and culture. Let’s explore the straps and lids from this legendary label making major moves right now.

Why Trapstar Hats Are So Coveted

So why has headwear become a staple in Trapstar’s rise to streetwear acclaim? Here’s why the culture obsesses over Trapstar caps:

The Iconic Style & Branding

At the core of Trapstar’s caps appeal is the iconic style and branding. Most lids feature the bold “Trapstar London” logo front and center. This immediate identification with Trapstar has become synonymous with elite street cred and fashion-forward taste.

Whether it’s a classic 6-panel, 5-panel, dad hat or winter beanie, Trapstar fans must flex the infamous logo. Signature color schemes also enhance the iconic appeal – think crisp whites and blacks, luxe golds and reds, camo prints, and color blocked styles.

Premium Quality Materials

Trapstar only uses the finest quality materials like twills, wools, velours with distressed detailing that justify the higher price point to buyers. Customers trust the durability and craftsmanship that makes their caps last season over season.

Fueled By Exclusivity

The limited quantities and quick sell outs of all Trapstar gear has enhanced the demand for these streetwear must-haves. Hypebeasts love sporting sold out swag that not everyone can get. By keeping supply low and marketing to influencers first, Trapstar strategically fuels hype frenzies for their caps that turn fans into rapid resellers.

Worn By Celebs & Influencers

As Trapstar exploded from South London to the world stage, their apparel filled the wardrobes of music elites, athletes, and influencers.

Notable fans like rappers Dave, Central Cee, A$AP Rocky, soccer superstar Jesse Lingard, and YouTube influencers help drive mainstream hype for Trapstar streetwear. Spotting these cultural icons in a new Trapstar hat immediately sparks frenzies.

Now let’s explore this season’s most coveted caps and winter lid fits coming out of the Trapstar studio right now.

Hot Trapstar Hats & Beanies Dropping in 2024

Keep reading for the best of the best Trapstar hat and beanie pick ups that you need in your rotation this year.

The Essential Logo 6-Panel Cap

No Trapstar kit is complete without their signature 6-panel cap. This crisp structured hat comes decked out with the bold “Trapstar London” branding across the front for instant recognition.


  • Premium cotton twill construction
  • Structured & stiff peak
  • Adjustable strap closure
  • Iconic Trapstar branding embroidery
  • Variety of colorways

Price: £34.99

The 6-panel cap kicks off our list as the clear essential lid in their collection. From all black to camo combos, add this king of streetwear caps as the crown jewel accessory.

The “Stash Box” Bud Cap

One of the trendiest modern baseball caps is this “Stash Box” 5-panel cap – playing off cannabis culture with the stash box icon integrated into the Trapstar script branding.


  • Premium cotton twill across 5 structured panels
  • Green stash box design on black hat
  • Black & white color schemes only
  • Embroidered font inspired by cannabis product packaging

This super hip-hop hat gives off an urban pot dealer vibe. Stash this bud embroidered 5-panel to top off any streetwear fit.

Price: £39.99

The Furgora Wool Skully Beanie

When winter rolls through the city, keep your head warm by grabbing “The Furgora” wool skully beanie. The folded brim and wooly texture gives you iconic style with cozy comfort.


  • 100% Acrylic wool blend
  • Foldable wide brim
  • Structured skully silhouette
  • Trapstar London embroidery
  • Variety of schemes – black, gray, green

Price: £29.99

Throw on The Furgora beanie when icy winds call for the vintage skully vibe with modern Trapstar finesse.

The Velour 2-Tone Dad Hat

Velour, velour, velour. Luxe fabrics in subtle two-tone schemes give this Velour 2-Tone Dad Hat universal everyday appeal.


  • Super soft cotton velour fabric
  • Subtle 2-tone color schemes
  • Curved structured brim
  • Embroidered logo on front panels
  • Metal side adjustor with leather strap

Rock this uptown dad cap dressed up or down to bring covetable luxury texture into your cap selection.

Price: £44.99

The Logo Beanie

You can never go wrong picking up The Logo Beanie – warm knit beanie coming in black, gray or white to perfectly match any ‘fit.


  • Knit acrylic textured material
  • Folded cuff silhouette
  • Patch logo label sewn on side
  • matching Logo embroidery on front
  • Oversized slouchy style

Price: £24.99

The Logo Beanie offers subtle flexing for brisk days. Level up basics like crews, hoodies and jackets by capping Trapstar style onto your head.

How to Styling Trapstar Hats & Beanies

Now that your crown is covered in the hottest Trapstar lids, let’s dial in some styling tips to create iconic Trapstar street looks from head to toe.

Pair With Tracksuits & Hoodies

The natural pairing for any Trapstar headwear is matching it with their infamous tracksuits and hoodies.

Wearing tops and bottoms decked out in the same Trapstar London branding creates seamless logo looks for a stylish uniform. Pop the hood over any dad hat or beanie to keep covering your tracks top to bottom.

Contrast With Basics

Sometimes less is more. Let sought after caps like the Logo 6-Panel and Velour Dad Hat speak for themselves by wearing simple basics like white tees, jeans, bombers and sleek boots below.

Letting the Trapstar accessories shine as statement pieces makes them true flex items.

Double Up With Watches & Bags

Supercharge your Trapstar outfit by doubling the logo assault. Pair sought after winter beanies with matching Trapstar wristwear and crossbody bags for hypelining.

Stacking multiple items from their coveted accessory collections creates showstopping Trapstar style head to toe in any season.

Give Cold Weather Fits an Upgrade

Transform basic cold weather ‘fits into streetwear grails by capping things off with Trapstar winter gear.

Trade in normal gloves, scarves and headwear for luxe Trapstar designs like the Logo Beanie or Furgora Wool Skully. Use the brand’s thermal layers and long sleeve tees to insulate hot looks all winter.

Where To Shop Authentic Trapstar Caps Online

By now you’re probably craving some Trapstar hats and winter beanies for your personal collection. Check out these reputable online retailers to source authentic caps and everything Trapstar London:

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