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Honda Hness CB350 Price in India 2024

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Honda Hness CB350

Honda Hness CB350 Price

Honda offers the H’ness CB350 in four types: DLX, DLX Pro, DLX Pro Chrome, and the Legacy Edition.

The base model, H’ness CB350 DLX, comes in four colors: Precious Red Metallic, Mat Marshall-Green Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, and Mat Massive Grey Metallic. It costs Rs 2,09,857 (ex-showroom New Delhi).

The DLX Pro version is available in three colors: Precious Red Metallic, Mat Marshall-Green Metallic, and Pearl Nightstar Black. It costs Rs 2,12,856 (ex-showroom New Delhi).

For those looking for a more premium option, there’s the H’ness CB350 DLX Pro Chrome, which comes in Athletic Blue Metallic, Mat Massive Grey Metallic, and Pearl Nightstar Black. It costs Rs 2,14,856 (ex-showroom New Delhi).

At the top of the line is the Legacy Edition, available only in Pearl Siren Blue, priced at Rs 2,16,356 (ex-showroom New Delhi).

Honda Hness CB350 Features

Introducing the Honda H’ness CB350, a standout motorcycle that’s not just about style, but also packs a punch with some seriously impressive features! It’s making waves in the world of motorcycles by being the first of its kind in the neo-retro category to boast all-LED lighting. Whether you’re cruising during the day or hitting the roads at night, the headlamp, tail lamp, and turn indicators illuminate your path with efficient, long-lasting LEDs.

But that’s not all this beauty has to offer. Take a peek at its sleek instrument console, which blends classic design with modern tech. Here, you’ll find a mix of digital and analog elements, including a vibrant LCD screen. This screen isn’t just for show—it’s your window into crucial information about your ride. Want to know how far you can go before needing to refuel? Check. Curious about your real-time mileage or battery status? It’s all there. Plus, keep track of what gear you’re in for that seamless shifting experience.

Now, let’s talk about connectivity. The H’ness CB350 takes things up a notch by integrating Bluetooth technology into its system. Pair up your smartphone, and suddenly, you’ve got access to a whole new level of convenience. Imagine controlling your bike with just your voice, thanks to the smartphone voice control system. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the base variant, but it’s a game-changer for those who opt for the higher trims.

When it comes to safety, Honda doesn’t mess around. The H’ness CB350 comes equipped with a range of advanced features to keep you steady on the road. Dual-channel ABS ensures reliable braking performance, while traction control offers added stability, especially in tricky conditions. Ever experienced that jolt when downshifting too quickly? Say goodbye to that with the assist and slipper clutch, which smoothens out your gear changes. And in those split-second emergency braking scenarios, the automatic activation of hazard lamps via the emergency stop signal ensures that you’re visible to other drivers, enhancing overall safety on the road.

In essence, the Honda H’ness CB350 isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a statement of innovation and reliability, blending timeless design with cutting-edge technology to deliver an unmatched riding experience.

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Honda Hness CB350 Suspension and Brakes

The Honda H’ness CB350 is equipped with a telescopic fork upfront, complemented by twin coil springs at the rear, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride across various terrains. This setup absorbs bumps and vibrations, delivering a smooth experience for riders and passengers alike.

When it comes to stopping power, the Honda H’ness CB350 doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a substantial 310mm disc brake at the front and a reliable 240mm disc brake at the rear. These brakes offer responsive and effective braking performance, instilling confidence and safety during your rides. Adding an extra layer of safety, the bike comes standard with Dual-Channel ABS, preventing wheel lock-up and skidding in emergency braking situations.

Traction is key, and the Honda H’ness CB350 ensures a strong grip on the road with its well-sized tires. Sporting a 100/90-19 tire at the front and a 130/70-18 tire at the rear, this bike strikes a balance between stability, handling, and comfort, providing stability in corners and straight-line stability.

In terms of its physical dimensions, the Honda H’ness CB350 features a seat height of 800mm, accommodating riders of varying heights comfortably. With a ground clearance of 166mm, it navigates through uneven roads and obstacles with ease, ensuring a smooth and confident ride.

Despite its sturdy build and impressive features, the Honda H’ness CB350 maintains a manageable kerb weight of 181 kg, making it agile and easy to maneuver in urban traffic and on highways. Additionally, it comes equipped with a generous 15-litre fuel tank, allowing for longer rides without frequent refueling stops.

Honda Hness CB350 Engine Specifications

The Honda H’ness CB350 relies on a reliable single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, boasting a displacement of 348.36cc. This engine, known for its efficiency and smooth operation, is mated with a 5-speed transmission system, ensuring seamless gear shifts and optimal performance.

When it comes to power, the Honda H’ness CB350 doesn’t disappoint. With a power output of 21 horsepower, it can swiftly tackle various road conditions with ease. This power is delivered at 5,500 rpm, allowing riders to enjoy a responsive throttle and exhilarating acceleration when needed.

Moreover, the torque generated by this engine is equally impressive, measuring at 30 Newton-meters. This torque kicks in at 3,000 rpm, providing ample low-end grunt for confident overtakes and effortless cruising on highways. Whether navigating through city traffic or embarking on long journeys, the Honda H’ness CB350 delivers a balanced blend of power and efficiency for an enjoyable riding experience.

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