How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight ticket

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There are many circumstances when we need to change our scheduled plans. Spirit has convenient cancellation policies for the passengers who want to cancel their booked ticket. However, it depends on the route and fare type selected by you. In case passengers are not sure about the date of travel and they feel like they may have to change it later. They can choose flexi fare to avoid this. Moreover, it also depends on the days before departure. At the time of booking your spirit flight ticket you must check the ticket cancellation policies. It is available for main and third-party websites as well. In case of any doubt you can consult with the executive about the cancellation terms. Here we are listing some of the crucial information regarding the Spirit Airlines cancellation Flight.

Cancel Spirit Ticket before 24 hours 

The usual cancellation policy of Spirit Airlines is comparable to that of many other airlines that you may be aware of. No matter what kind of fare ticket you bought, Spirit Airlines allows you to cancel a flight for free within 24 hours of the original departure time. Spirit will reimburse the entire cost of your ticket within this period if the flight you bought is more than seven days out from the departure date. In most of the cases, specially in short routes passengers are not eligible for the refund against the cancellation before 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

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How to Cancel Spirit Airlines Tickets

You can cancel your booked spirit ticket using the manage booking section on the website. Follow the below mentioned steps to cancel your spirit airlines ticket online –

To modify a Spirit Airlines reservation, take the following actions:
To submit your flight details, log into your Spirit Airlines account or select the “My Trips” page on the Spirit website.
Choose the flight you wish to modify.
Find the Cancel flights which are available on the right-hand side, scroll down.
To choose a new flight, adhere to the instructions.

Apart from that you can request for the cancellation over call by dialing spirit airlines customer care number. You can also get assistance on spirit official email. You can provide them with your booked ticket details and request for the cancellation.

Spirit changed ticket specific regulations

Let’s imagine your aunt unexpectedly can’t accommodate you after you’ve scheduled a flight to meet her in Tucson. Fortunately, your buddy in San Francisco is free for the weekend; all you have to do is adjust your schedule. Spirit cancellation terms may vary on the type of ticket you have changed for the same destination. There are some ticket specific rules of spirit airlines tickets.

Regular ticket 

Similar to the cancellation policy, you will be required to pay a charge that varies from $90 to $100 (depending on where and how you make these changes) if you would want to make modifications to your current reservation.

Regular or Honor Ticket

You have the first 24-hour window or more than 60 days before departure to modify your basic or award ticket, if necessary. The change cost ranges from $39 to $79 if you don’t pay it. You will also be responsible for paying the price difference if you decide to change your flight to a more costly choice than your initial ticket.

Takeoff Flex

A one-time, free online adjustment with Flight Flex is possible up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. Customers are still liable for any airfare discrepancies. Remember that Flight Flex may only be purchased during your first flight reservations, and you are only allowed to make one modification.

How to Utilize a Flight Credit

Simply locate the “Vouchers and Credits” drop-down on the flight purchase page, enter the 17-digit number you were given upon ticket cancellation, then click “Go” to redeem your trip credit. At the time of booking, vouchers must be applied to a reservation. Only the passenger to whom the future travel credits were granted may use them, and they are only good for one usage, after which they expire with no further value. This means that if you spend your $120 travel credit for a $90 journey, the remaining $30 cannot be used for a future flight. 

Spirit Cancellation in Special Cases

Once you’re logged in, go to the homepage or the top and choose “my trips.” Next, provide your flight confirmation code and last name. 

This will display the summary page for your reservation. To change your itinerary and receive a refund or Future Travel Credit, click “cancel reservation.”

You will see your refund amount and any related costs on the last page when you cancel your ticket. For a $10 charge, you can opt to have a phone representative assist you with the cancellation process by Cancel Spirit Airlines Fare calling 1 (855) 728-3555 tool free. 

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