How to Start a Dissertation Conclusion? Few Starter Phrases + Examples

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Writing a dissertation conclusion is the most critical part of writing in academics. The conclusion is where you cover research, a summary of your thoughts and arguments, and a broader perspective of the dissertation. Moreover, writing an entire dissertation can be easy sometimes, but you must take advantage of the conclusion part. The conclusion part can be challenging yet straightforward if you complete it correctly. In this article, we’ll teach you how to write a dissertation conclusion with good starter words and phrases and some good examples. Therefore, these phrases and some masters dissertation examples will help you to start an effective and engaging dissertation conclusion.

Understanding the Role of a Dissertation Conclusion

First, understand the meaning and the purpose of the most important part. The conclusion of any dissertation presents the whole journey and the final words of your research and thoughts. Moreover, it leaves the last impression of the dissertation on the readers. Be careful about leaving an impression because it will represent your research, ideas, thesis, and useful insights into the broader perspective of your work. Therefore, a well-written conclusion shows your deep research on the topic, your arguments, and your thoughts behind the dissertation. It also covers why it is essential to share ideas and opinions.

What Makes a Good Dissertation Conclusion?

To conclude, a good dissertation includes the main points of your whole research clearly and precisely. In this section, you will balance what you find for the dissertation writing and what you suggest for future aspects. With these key points, you can make your conclusion effective and engaging.

  • Summarization: You must summarize your thoughts, ideas, research, an all findings.
  • Restating Objective: Repeat all the research objectives so the readers will know about your focus on the main points.
  • Addressing Limitations: If you have written something or did research in limit, then you should concede it.
  • Proposing Future Research: Suggest some areas that have the potential to be explored further.
  • Reflecting on Significance: Show the importance of your study to the readers and the potential of research and findings.

Setting the Tone: How to Begin Your Conclusion

Here are someways to start a conclusion paragraph:

  • Summarizing Key Findings

To start writing the dissertation conclusion, summarize all the main points you found in your research. Present the essential facts in simple and easy words to highlight your research findings for the dissertation. Some good starter words and phrases that will help you-

  • In this study, we will discuss…
  • In conclusion, the study has revealed…
  • Example: In conclusion, the study has revealed a correlation between deep research and improved mental health.
  • Reiterate Research Objectives

Make an excellent approach to the objectives you set at the beginning of the research. So that the reader’s interest is stuck there and knows your achievements while researching. Let’s check some good starter words and phrases-

  • Returning to our research objectives, we find…
  • Reflecting on our initial goals, we find…
  • Example: Returning to our research objectives, we find that people rely upon technology unthinkingly in today’s generation.
  • Discussing Limitations and Future Directions

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Acknowledging the Limitations of your research is another effective and practical approach. This approach reflects your hard work, dedication toward improvement, and suggestions for future directions. Have a look at good starter words and phrases-

  • While our research has given valuable information, it is essential to accept its limitations…
  • In the acknowledgment of constraints, our future research should aim to…
  • Example: While our research has given valuable information, it is essential to accept its limitations, such as sample size.
  • Starter Words and Phrases for a Strong Beginning

You’ll need solid and effective starter words and phrases for a Strong Beginning of your dissertation conclusion. Here is a list of some starter words and phrases with their purposes:

Summarizing Ideas

  1. In Summary…
  2. To recall…
  3. To sum up…
  4. To conclude…

Example: To conclude, our research has thrown light on the global warming changes and its impacts on the environment.

  • Highlighting the Significance
  1. Significantly…
  2. Notably…
  3. Crucially…

Example: Significantly, our research has shown the urgency of solar energy-related solutions to spread the power of nature.

  • Connecting to the Introduction <h3>
  1. As we initially discussed…
  2. As mentioned above…
  3. Hypothetically…

Example: As mentioned above, the following questions that you have to answer in sequence.

  • Conclusion: Crafting a Memorable Finish

In conclusion, we will discuss the dissertation conclusion. To start your dissertation conclusion is a crucial step in your dissertation writing. Because the perfect dissertation conclusion will leave an adequate impression on the readers. So keep it simple, relevant, and focused on what you’ve covered while researching. Suppose there’s any mistake found that will not entertain the readers. It took lots of effort and time to meet all the aspects of the dissertation conclusion.

From summarizing all the key findings, an entire research process for main points, and reiterating research objectives to Acknowledging the limitations and future directions, you’ve done a great job. These steps will make a comprehensive conclusion, give you a brief of dissertation writing help, and show the value of your efforts and contribution

towards academic integrity. Those good starter words and phrases will help you to start a great beginning, the conclusion, which will leave a great impression on the readers.

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