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Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass Price

The price of a Jeep Compass ranges from Rs. 20.69 Lakh to Rs. 32.27 Lakh, depending on which version you choose.

Jeep Compass Interior

The Jeep Compass stands out in its class with an impressive combination of modern technology and thoughtful amenities designed to elevate comfort and convenience for drivers and passengers alike. At the heart of its interior lies a striking 10.1-inch floating touchscreen seamlessly integrated with the latest Uconnect 5 technology, complemented by a spacious 10.2-inch digital instrument cluster behind a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, and wireless phone charging enhance comfort, while a 360-degree camera system and power tailgate offer added convenience. The inclusion of cruise control ensures a steady pace on the highway, while the eight-way power-adjustable front seats, featuring personalized memory settings for the driver, provide tailored comfort for every journey. With its compelling array of features, the Jeep Compass presents itself as a standout choice for those seeking a blend of modern technology and thoughtful amenities in their vehicle.

Jeep Compass Exterior

The latest iteration of the Jeep Compass boasts a distinctive front grille characterized by its seven slats, adding a touch of rugged elegance to its appearance. Enhanced with shiny chrome accents, this grille serves as a bold statement of the vehicle’s iconic heritage. Complementing the grille, the modern and sleek headlights feature integrated LED daytime running lights, not only providing enhanced visibility but also contributing to the vehicle’s contemporary aesthetic.

Taking a closer look at the front bumper, a notable update is the addition of a black air intake positioned prominently in the middle, adding a sporty flair while also optimizing airflow for improved performance. Flanking the air intake are LED fog lights, seamlessly integrated into the bumper, offering enhanced visibility in adverse weather conditions and further emphasizing the Compass’s modern design.

One of the most noticeable changes can be found in the wheels, now upgraded to larger 18-inch rims. These wheels not only enhance the vehicle’s stance and presence on the road but also feature a striking new design. With a blend of two colors and five sleek spokes, the wheels exude a sense of sophistication while also hinting at the vehicle’s capability for adventure.

In summary, the Jeep Compass’s exterior enhancements, including its distinctive grille, modern headlights, updated front bumper, and stylish wheels, collectively contribute to its dynamic and commanding presence on the road, making it a standout choice in the compact SUV segment.

Jeep Compass Engine

The Jeep Compass is a versatile SUV that offers a robust 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine compliant with the stringent BS6 Phase 2 emissions standards. Engineered for performance, it delivers 168 horsepower and an impressive torque of 350 Newton-meters. Whether you’re inclined towards the engaging control of a manual transmission or the convenience of an automatic gearbox, the Compass has you covered with both options.

The six-speed manual transmission provides a traditional driving experience, allowing enthusiasts to feel connected to the road, while the nine-speed torque converter automatic gearbox offers smooth and effortless shifts, perfect for a more relaxed driving experience.

Beyond its powertrain options, the Compass boasts versatility in its drivetrain configurations. Drivers can choose between the 4×2 system, prioritizing fuel efficiency and urban maneuverability, or the 4×4 system, ideal for navigating challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions with enhanced traction and stability. This range of choices ensures that the Jeep Compass caters to diverse preferences and driving needs, promising an exhilarating driving experience regardless of the road ahead.

Jeep Compass Variants

The Jeep Compass offers seven distinct variants, each tailored to meet different needs and preferences. Starting with the Sport variant, it provides essential features for practicality and reliability. The Longitude variant adds comfort and convenience, while the Night Eagle stands out with its stylish design elements. The Longitude (O) variant offers additional customization options, while the Black Shark variant emphasizes ruggedness and off-road capabilities. Moving up, the Limited (O) variant delivers premium amenities for a luxurious driving experience, and finally, the Model S (O) variant represents the epitome of luxury and performance in the Compass lineup. With this diverse range of options, the Jeep Compass caters to a broad spectrum of drivers, from those seeking affordability to those demanding top-of-the-line features and sophistication.

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Jeep Compass Euro NCAP

The Jeep Compass has just been granted a prestigious five-star rating by the Euro NCAP, an organization dedicated to rigorously testing vehicle safety. This accolade signifies that the Jeep Compass has surpassed expectations in various safety assessments conducted by experts. It’s a testament to the advanced safety features and robust design of the vehicle, ensuring that it offers superior protection for both drivers and passengers in the event of a collision. This recognition underscores the Jeep Compass as a reliable and secure choice for those seeking peace of mind on the road.

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