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What Is WTM? How To Use “WTM” On Snapchat

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No wonder Snapchat is on the top in using numerous acronyms and slang every day to convey their message shortly to their friend.  On Snapchat you might have encountered various acronyms and jargon that may have popped you but are unable to understand what it means. To maintain privacy while chatting with someone, on Snapchat, next-gen teenagers frequently use slang and convey messages secretly. 

WTM is one such acronym that you may have popped up on Snapchat several times leaving you hooked. Not knowing the meaning of the WTM might leave your chatting disrupted on the ongoing talk and intrigued you know what does wtm mean

Without any further delay let’s talk about WTM, the new and the latest jargon in the given post.

What Does WTM Mean?

Knowing the wtm meaning in text, can vary depending upon the context of uses and have different meanings in different contexts. Here we are explaining all the meanings of WTM.

1. What’s The Move

The most common meaning of WTM is “What’s the Move”, saying WTM on Snapchat means your friends desire to know what you are going to do for the day. Just as when someone asks What’s up, WTM is another cool way to ask someone on Snapchat to know how busy you are at that moment.  

For Instance:  

Getting bored this week, you may plan a weekend trip with your friend and leave the message “WTM” on the group chat, which means you are asking your friend about their weekend plan. 

2. What’s The Matter

Another meaning of WTM is the “What’s the matter”. When someone sends you WTM, they may be interested to know what is happening in your life.  Or you may ask someone sending WTM on text to know what‘s the reason for their frustration or why they are so sad and you are sending WTM on your ongoing conversation.

For Instance.  

John:  I need some break.

You:  Oh no, WTM.

It means you are worried about what happened to your friend and wish to know what happened.

3. Whatever That Means

In other words, wtm meaning in text is “Whatever That Means”. When you don’t care about what your friend is trying to say you may use WTM, it means you have not understood what they are explaining and are not interested in knowing that further.  

For instance:  

When someone is talking about a topic you are not interested in, then 

simply you may say:  “Okay okay WTM” to change the topic or to stop them. 

How To Use WTM?

However, the meaning of WTM varies and used in various contexts  like

  • When someone looks upset, you may ask them to WTM which means “What’s the Matter” to know the reason behind his sadness.
  • For making any plan, you may ask your friend WTM, which means What’s your move? It means you wish to know about their next plan, to make your plan with your friend’s group.
  • In certain instances, when you don’t understand what they are saying and are not interested in knowing what they are trying to say to you, then you can use WTM to stop talking you are not interested in.

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