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Now, cars have become a key importance for every individual because convenience is what everyone looks for now. Buying cars is the first stage, there is more to take care of, from maintenance to its tyres. The reason why tyres are important for the vehicle is because it come in contact with the road surface directly which is able to support and move the vehicle in the right direction. Most importantly, it is crucial to understand the correct size of the tyre for the vehicle because misaligned tyres will hamper safety while driving. The biggest concern nowadays is safety because there is no loss bigger than human loss. To ensure durability for longer trips or for daily purposes, the automobile industry consists of numerous brands from high to middle to low-end prices. One of the oldest manufacturers is the Nexen tyres which are specifically designed to provide superior quality performance at reasonable cost. They are more likely to be known for their mid-range tyre category. These tyres are a reputed brand in the market because of their advancement in innovation and modern design of the products. With their consistency in manufacturing quality products makes the brand reliable in the eyes of the consumers.

Benefits of Nexen Tyres

Nexen tyres which offer quality that makes it worth the choice of most buyers are only possible because these Tyres Coventry come up with additional advantages which make them distinctive in comparison with competitors. The foremost reason to trust the brand is that it offers an excellent warranty to its buyers. They also guarantee if the tyre wears out or fails while driving on the road. As a reputed brand, they have invested more of its revenue in research and development. The result to which they have come up with advanced technological innovation. One such technology used in some of the models is V oriented and Green hive which are different in functioning as compared to other brands. The brand stands out in the market with its impressive design which is more often eye-catching and attractive. 

Highly Recommended Nexen Tyres

Whatever vehicle you have with you, Nexen tyres have all categories of tyres from SUVs to trucks, they are generally designed to fulfill all the needs and requirements of the consumers.

Nexen Touring All season tyres

-The most popular Touring all-season tyres are the Nexen Tyre N Priz AH5. This model of touring all season typically consists of longitudinal grooves and unique designs that ensure rigidity and generally have affordable prices. However, after covering miles it has resulted that they perform extremely well even in wet and dry road conditions. While driving on the highway this specific model delivers quite a comforting ride which satisfies the consumer’s daily driving requirements. Because they offer exceptionally durable grip and better handling on the road therefore it is popularly recommended by most buyers. Some of the advantages of this model are that its design ensures grip on dry roads along with wet roads. The only drawback is that they are not able to provide good performance on the snow and ice-covered roads. 

-The second model of touring all-season tyres is the Nexen Tyre Aria AH7. The model has an enhanced traction that performs extensively well on dry as well as snowy surfaces. For individuals who are more keen to drive at higher speeds without any noise, then this model is best suited for them. It guarantees to handle extremely well on rain which makes the driving experience comforting and risk-free. Ensure better performance in general. The only disadvantage that this model has is they delivers poor performance in heavy snow and ice. 

 Nexen Highway All season tyres

– Nexen has a highway all-season tyres category for their buyers. They have two models such as Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 and Nexen Roadian CT8 HL. Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 is constructed to provide good performance on the highway along with excellent traction to deliver a comforting and smooth ride throughout the journey. They deliver impressive performance at the sidewalls in wet conditions. Because of better grip handling they help in short braking distance. Whereas, Nexen Roadian CT8 HL is generally designed for commercial purposes. It provides a durable and rigid compound which leads to increased life of the tyres. As this model is pretty good at handling wet and dry conditions which results in a smoother ride throughout the journey. One such drawback of this model is that they are not suitable for harsh winter weather. 

Nexen Summer Tyres

-One such summer tyre is Nexen NFERA SU1 that are often designed to protect from overheating. Even if the temperature is at its highest point, this model will ensure safety, and stability and increase grip on summer roads. They even have the advantage of delivering quality performance on wet surfaces. Even though traveling at higher speeds, they don’t create noise.  One of the disadvantages is that they are not the best performance option while driving. Another model of summer car tyres is the Nexen NFERA  SUR4 specifically constructed to provide impressive performance at higher speed. Along with the speed they deliver stability on both dry and wet roads.

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