Admission Process & Hostel Accommodation in Russian Medical University

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Russia is one of the most preferred MBBS Abroad destinations. There are multiple reasons for pursuing a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Russia’s best universities. But, before finalizing any university, it is important to be aware of the expenses. 

Different Russian Medical University follows its own sets of rules and fee structure. Before starting a new journey, it is better to prepare for admission and hostel accommodation in Russian universities. However, all of them follow different rules but there are some common measures between the universities.

Admission Procedure for Russian Medical University

MBBS in Russia follows a direct admission procedure without any donation. The universities are well–recognized and globally approved. MBBS from Russia is known for providing quality education at affordable prices Here is a procedure that is followed while applying to any Russian university. It can be effortlessly executed with the help of Education Vibes.

Registration: In the first step, you are required to provide all your details to us. Based on that our experts will prepare your profile. This profile will be sent to the university, in which you want to pursue your MBBS.

Documentation: This is the major step, where we need to submit the documents for admission at the Russian Medical University. These documents should be valid and authentic. At this stage, a document required will be identity proof, a 10+2 mark sheet, and a birth certificate.

Admission Letter: After verifying your documents and details mentioned by us in your profile, they will issue an admission letter. This admission letter can be considered as a temporary seat allocation in Russian Medical University. After verifying your documents and details mentioned by us in your profile, they will issue an admission letter. This admission letter can be considered as a temporary seat allocation in Russian Medical University. 

Validation: The Authority of External Affairs and Embassy will verify your documents. You need to submit NEET scores and other required documents. 

Invitation Letter: If they find your documents valid and you match their expectation, they will issue a letter of invitation. The invitation letter is considered as the permanent medical seat allocation. 

Visa: After receiving the invitation letter, your first step should include applying for a visa. Submission of invitation letter while visa application is necessary. However, visas can be time-consuming, but in Russia, it can take between 3 to 15 days for the issuance of a visa.

Departure: Once you receive your visa, we can plan for the departure. Our experts will guide you at the airport. We also provide post-arrival services after you land in Russia.

Education Vibes helped hundreds of students to accomplish their dream of getting better opportunities at affordable Russia MBBS fees.

Hostel Accommodation at Russian Medical University

The hostel is present at the walking distance from the universities. These are distinguished for boys and girls. The hostel consists of the best infrastructure and food facilities. The Russian Medical University has tight security. The hostels are safe and sophisticated for Indian students. There is an availability of sharing rooms that can be between 2, 3, or 4. It consists of a well-established laundry system and mess. They provide healthy food to the students. There is a dedicated mess for vegetarian food. There is a proper arrangement of all the facilities necessary for the students. It consists of a playground, gym, and library that enhance students for both academic and extracurricular activities. 

Through these hostel accommodation facilities, it becomes easier for you to focus on your studies. After a year, you are not restricted to shifting from the hostel. You will always be free to live on rent where you can prefer self-cooking and lunch arrangements from any hotel.

Hostel Fees of Top Russian Medical University

Here are some of the best Russian universities that possess fascinating cost of MBBS in Russia. These universities are mentioned with their foundation year, tuition fees, and hostel fees in Rubles. 

University NameFoundedHostel Fees(Rubles)Tuition Fees(Rubles)
Kazan State Medical University193020000475000
Kazan Federal University180413000493740
Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University199350000280000
Omsk State Medical University192030000289200
Kemerovo State Medical University19739700255000
Kabardino Balkarian Medical University195715000219200
Tver State Medical University190215000350000
Samara State Medical University191935000330000
North Western State Medical University190736000440000
First Moscow State University1758120000698000

MBBS in Russia fee in Rupees can cost up to 18 lakhs without hostel accommodation. They are the best universities with top-notch facilities and faculties. 


Before pursuing an MBBS in Russia, you must be aware of the admission procedure, tuition fees, and hostel accommodation. Russia is known for its low living cost and affordable fee structure. Today, we have discussed all the steps required to get admission to the Russian Medical University. Hostel accommodation in Russia ranges from 10000 Rubles. It includes mess, electricity, security, and laundry charges. However, it varies according to the university. Pursue an MBBS from a Russian college to enhance your career at low expenses.

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