Best 8 things you cannot miss: Explore the real Dubai -2024

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Dubai is one of the most visited countries in the whole wide world. There is more to Dubai than the usual sight of attraction that can amaze you for a lifetime. We know Dubai for its magnificent architectural figures and its Gulf waters as well as its white sands and golden sunsets and sunrises.

You can move around the very renowned Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, go to Atlantis and do a lot of shopping from the Marina Mall. It is said that if you don’t find anything at Marina Mall, it probably doesn’t exist… Ha! Ha! During your evenings, you can shop for your favorite items from Dubai. Experience the high-end lifestyle of Dubai in the luxury hotels and yacht stay in Dubai.

Here are some of Dubai’s hidden treasures that are famous.

Dubai is a place of beauty all around, so plan a trip there

These picks illustrate well the grandeur of Dubai & Middle Eastern hotspots!

The largest picture frame in the world – Dubai Gate

A picture frame of 150m tall and 105m wide, Dubai Gate is said to be one of the world’s largest picture frames. The idea behind the making of Dubai was to give an entire idea of what Dubai has to offer to the people in a glance and not just an enormous architecture in Dubai. You can watch it for hours & still not get over it.

The longest zip line in the world is at XLine Dubai Marina

If you chose to fly over the entire city of Dubai, you would be able to see highways, swimming pools, and of course the beautiful city beneath you as you fly down. From a height of 560 feet and with speeds up to 50 miles per hour, experience the world’s longest and steepest zip line. You can fly down the entire city alone or with your friend.

Arabian Nights at Starlight Camp

After a peaceful sleep under starlit skies, you will be able to wake up to the sand dunes around you after living life Arabian style. You find a very nice arrangement with a kingsize bed, wooden-style toilets, and domed-shaped tents to amaze you with the Arabian beauty.

Make your evening beautiful with the Dubai Fountain

It is also possible to watch the famous Dubai Fountain show during the morning and evening. But if you really want to enjoy the view of Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest performing fountain, it is always advisable to witness it from Burj Khalifa from the small windows & get glued to the view. Its location between Burj Khalifa and Marina Mall allows you to manage your time easily. The fountain shoots 22,000 gallons of water 500 feet into the air.

The sky is the limit for a lavish dinner

Yes, it’s no ordinary dinner. You’ll definitely have a lifetime of memories when you dine in the sky at 165ft above the ground. The food is served by the very well-known Le Meridien Mina Seyahi and The Westin Dubai to ensure you relish the best food & make it your memorable dinner in Dubai. It is a great place for surprise parties, dates, or celebrations.

Perfume House at Al Shindagha Museum

The purpose of this site is to take you back in time & learn more about how a perfume was made during the old days if you enjoy perfumes or authentic Arabian ittars. You can also learn how perfumes were exported and imported during the olden days. You can make a majority of the fragrances from traditional oils, including saffron, roses, oud, etc.

Dubai Balloon Adventure

It would be wonderful to see Dubai and the sand dunes from an aerial view! Well, balloon adventures are very private affairs as there will only be your pilot and the view of Oryx & camels strolling in the desert. People want to be a part of this adventure, so you should book in advance.

Champion Yachts – Yacht Stay

A yacht lifestyle in Dubai is something people look forward to. It is a statement of luxury and everything extraordinary in the grand blue waters of Dubai. If you book a yacht in Dubai, you can take part in watersports, barbecue on a lavish deck, luxurious yacht rooms and a very comfortable stay that allows you to relax and enjoy the Arabian Sun!

It was a great experience to visit these places that aren’t much talked about, but certainly will not leave you regretting leaving behind the beautiful places in Dubai. You can find more about famous food in Dubai to relish during your stay here since this was just about famous places to visit in Dubai.

In conclusion Innumerable opportunities for adventure and sightseeing make Dubai an alluring destination for travelers, and its allure lies in its ability to cater to the needs of people of all ages. Plan a trip to Dubai and be captivated by Dubai’s magical charm.

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