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Best Online Resources To Prepare For IELTS Exams

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When students wish to study abroad, they often come across some tests. They are called English eligibility exams, which one gives when they opt for an English-speaking country. Scholars who choose countries such as Australia, Canada, the USA and more apply for this. This article will talk about the IELTS exam for studying abroad. Preparing for these exams can be hard on students. So this will also provide IELTS learning online resources with many platforms. Thus, go through the points below for a better understanding.

Top Online Resources for Students

It was first introduced in the 1980s to check fluency in the English language. The IELTS exam, International English Proficiency Testing System, was made by the British Council. It is globally known that students who wish to study abroad apply for this exam. The format of this exam tests the speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. It can sometimes become tough for scholars to prepare on their own. So, this guide provides some helpful resources to prepare well for the exam.

Practise Tests

There are online tests available for students to go through and test their progress. Also, many websites provide free and paid online exams to take. It can benefit scholars by keeping track of their concepts and learning where they need to improve. The IELTS organization provides IELTS learning online mock tests for free. When scholars take mock exams with time limits, they can check their writing speed. They give feedback on every task and question that can help in self-evaluation.


Taking online webinars offers an interactive session for the exams. The experts give some tips and advice to students. That can make the process sound simple. Many websites provide free webinars and a Google search can guide students to them. People from all around the world join these webinars, which makes it a great experience for students. They can be weekly or occur once a month, depending upon the chosen platform.

Preparation Books

The internet is a great place to get resources for the IELTS exam. Many publishers offer a wide range of help guides for this test. These books talk about the format details of the exam pattern and type of questions. This makes students learn better and be informed.

Mobile Grammar Apps

Today, there are many apps available to improve your grammar. With just a few taps, you can start learning new methods. Many apps are there to help you prepare well for IELTS. They include questions, vocabulary practice and easy tips.

IELTS Exams Videos

Several platforms offer tutorials for the IELTS learning online to study from. It is a great option to develop skills. These in-depth tutorials help you become aware of your grammar mistakes. Through them, you get to know your doubts and learn. It also helps with the concepts and talks about the band score of the IELTS test. Thus, the above-given points are some of the top resources for the IELTS exam for students.

How are These Resources Useful?

The new generation believes in learning from various sources rather than one. Since more options offer a wide range of views and ideas, it is also the case in exam preparation. Many online resources have vast knowledge of IELTS and how to prepare for it.


With this digital age and changes in learning methods come accessibility. Students can study at their convenience. Hence, makes studying simple and fun for them. So, when you talk about the IELTS exam, it has become flexible now due to many online resources. They provide knowledge as well as allow students to be self-reliant.

Helps You Track Your Progress

The books, online mock tests, webinars and grammar apps help students keep track of their studies. It makes them aware of the new changes in the format, their abilities and time management skills. As the IELTS test has four sections, these resources help with all of them. Similarly, with these platforms, scholars can connect with people globally.

Makes you Familiar with Syllabus

Through these resources, students get to understand the format of the exam and the type of questions asked. It can improve their performance on the test day. Giving one hour weekly to revise the syllabus can lessen the chances of making silly mistakes. The IELTS exam syllabus can be hard to cover in less time. Students can start preparing early with these resources.


To sum up, study abroad requires a lot of time and effort. Hence, the reason why most students consult with an expert. But one of the hardest parts of the process is English Eligibility Tests. It takes hard work and dedication to get a great score in this. One such popular test is the IELTS exam. So, the article is a guide to some useful resources for IELTS preparation, including sources from online platforms such as grammar apps, mock tests, tutorials, books and more. Hence, a student can study well for their exams with the help of these platforms. This also increases scholars’ skills such as timing, writing speed, fluency and more. Thus, this makes the IELTS exam syllabus seem simple and can help students achieve good scores.

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