Career: Bright Future In Radiology, Average Package Above Rs 5 lakh

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Radiology is an attractive course in the medical field. In this, by using imaging, the disease present in the body is detected and treated. A Radiographer works on preparing the radiography report of the patient with the help of X-rays. This gives accurate information about the patient’s disease. Apart from X-ray, a Radiographer also studies CT scan, ultrasound and MRI to prepare the radiography report.

Field Of Radiology

Radiology is divided into two fields. One is named Diagnostic Radiology and the other is called Interventional Radiology. Diagnostic radiology uses X-rays and other imaging techniques to detect disease and injury.

A radiographer makes the radiography report of the patient with the help of X-rays. This gives accurate information about the patient’s disease. Apart from X-ray, a radiographer also studies CT scan, ultrasound and MRI to prepare the radiography report. In interventional radiology, the doctor not only interprets the imaging but also performs the surgical procedure to some extent.


The demand for trained and professional radiology technologists is increasing in hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices. There will be a lot of growth in jobs in this field in the future. After completing a degree in this field, you can become a Radiologist, Radiology Technologist/Radiographer, Radiology Technician, Ultrasound Technician/Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, MRI Technician, CT Tech/CAT Scan Technologist/CT Scan Technologist.


There are options for diploma course, bachelor course, master course and certification course in the field of radiology. After 12th class you can apply for UG courses. The details of courses available in the field of Radiology are given below.

Certificate Courses

* Certificate in Radiography

* Certificate in Radiology Assistant

* Certificate in Radiography Diagnostic

Diploma Courses – 2 years

* Diploma in Radiography and Radiotherapy

* Diploma in Radio-Diagnostic Technology

Bachelor Courses – 3 years

* B.Sc in Radiography

* BSc (Hons) in Medical Radiotherapy Technology

* Bachelor of Medical Radio Diagnosis and Imaging Technology ( B.M.R.I.T )

Master Courses – 2

* Post Graduate Diploma in Radiotherapy Technology

* Post Graduate Diploma in Radio Diagnosis and Imaging Sciences

* Post Graduate Diploma in X-ray Radiography and Ultrasonography

How to Become A Radiologist?

The career of a radiologist begins with the completion of a bachelor’s degree. After Completing graduation from medical college or school, you will get an awarded degree in MO or DO. After that you can apply for a medical license and you will be able to practice as a physician. To become a radiologist, a physician must complete a four-year radiology residency. State license is also very important for a radiologist. The license will be given to you after an exam which will be held in two-parts. Medicine, anatomy, imaging-related techniques and physics are covered in two parts.

Top colleges of the country offering radiology courses

* All India Institute of Medical Sciences

* Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

* Christian Medical College, Vellore

* Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Puducherry

* Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi

* Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi

* Pithoragarh Group Of Institutions, Pithoragarh

Job profile

* Radiology Technician

* Radiology Assistant

* Radiologist

* Radiology Technologist/Radiographer

* Radiology Nurse

* Ultrasound Technician/Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

*MRI Technician

* CT Tech/ CAT Scan Technologist/ CT Scan Technologist

Where can I get a job ?

* Government Hospital

* Private Hospital

* Public Health Center

* Diagnostic Lab

* Nursing Home


A radiologist gets a salary according to his job title. Talking about the global level, the salary of a radiologist is around 70 thousand dollars annually. In India, annual packages above Rs 5 lakh are available.


If you are a student in the medical field, then you must know the career opportunities in the medical field. A career in radiology is very bright for medical students in terms of a good package and learning skills in the healthcare field both advantages are included. New advancement in the radiology field is coming in the near future. Artificial intelligence and interventional radiology are helping to start technological enhancement in the radiology field. I hope this blog has helped you to find all the important information about making a career in the radiology field.

In summation, the radiology field shines brightly with a promising trajectory and an average package surpassing Rs 5 lakh, marking it as a lucrative avenue for career seekers. Its fusion of cutting-edge technology and compassionate patient care underscores its significance in modern healthcare. As medical imaging continually advances and healthcare demands grow, radiologists stand at the forefront, playing pivotal roles in diagnosis and treatment. Choosing a career in radiology not only offers financial stability but also presents an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society’s well-being. Embracing this field means embracing a future filled with innovation, impact, and endless possibilities.

In closing, the radiology profession isn’t just about interpreting images; it’s about decoding stories, unlocking mysteries, and offering hope. With the evolution of modalities like MRI, CT scans, and ultrasound, radiologists are empowered to delve deeper into the human body, aiding in early detection and personalized treatment plans. Beyond the financial rewards, a career in radiology offers intellectual stimulation, continual learning, and the gratification of making a tangible difference in people’s lives. It’s a realm where every click of the shutter holds the potential to change someone’s journey, making it not just a career choice, but a calling worth pursuing.

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