Charter cruising Yacht La Paz comprehensive ocean tour of La Paz

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Luxury charter services are best enjoyed to explore amazing marine life lurking under the deep ocean of Pacific especially in La Paz, Mexico coastline. This side of the Pacific holds numerous sea adventures that you can undertake such as swimming with the rare sea lions, not very much populated in other parts of the world.  You will need the support of charter cruising Yacht La Paz if you want to go on such a mission and it will be safe and secure sea adventure backed by an expert team of captain, marine biologist, chef and deckhands. You can use a cruising Yacht for the following trips in sea of Cortez, La Paz:

La Paz, Baja California Sur – calm and true Mexican influence

La Paz is one of the two states in Baja California Sur, and the city is at the lower end of the Baja California Peninsula. Most of the population lives in La Paz and the combined cities of San Jose and Cabo San Lucas, in unison known as Los Cabos. These two cities are strikingly different in nature. La Paz is known for its fantastic beaches that are unspoiled and uninhibited by human. If you want to enjoy the English guide managed tour you should stick with Los Cabos. It offers what all beach destinations in the Mexican coast and other coasts offer. If you want to see the real Mexican spirit then opts for La Paz tourism.

The Malecon

City of La Paz hugs the inlet of sea of Cortez and is located in the east coast of the peninsula. You cannot miss the 5-km stretch length Malecon or promenade which experience sea of humanity strolling along the Marina Palmira. This waterfront is one of the primary attractions as it has hundreds of cafes and restaurants lining up the boardwalk. You can take a bike and measure the entire length or simply walk and sea variety of human colors and races. The restaurants offer genuine tequila and host live bands on weekends. If you are a Latino jazz lover this is the place to be in. This beautiful boardwalk also provides you the right platform to witness the amazing La Paz sun sets.  You can enjoy spectacular sunsets from the Malecon or join a luxury sunset cruise in the sea of Cortez. From the sea it is an unobstructed view of the blazing sunsets. You can alternatively enjoy these sunsets from the various islets located near La Paz including the Isle of Espiritu Santo and its sister Islet St Patrida. Here you can have a relaxing time on the beaches or take a hike up the mountain made of volcanic rocks. It is also the best place to observe sunsets.

Swimming with whale sharks

Swimming with gigantic whale sharks is one of the primary tourist activities. You can join a luxury yacht cruise to whale shark locations and swim with them. The giant mammals a mixture of whale and shark in appearance is directly opposite to the characteristic of aggressive sharks. These are vegan creatures that filter feed planktons a kind of algae from in the sea water. These sea mammals can grow up to the length of 10-20 meters and are enormous to watch. You can wear masks, scuba diving gear or snorkel to spot them and swim with them under the guidance of the crew managing your cruise. The whale shark tour is private and it may just take half day cruise to cover. You can also hire the luxury yacht for extended sea holiday as it provides everything you need for night stay.

Kayak in Balandra beach

The famous Balandra bay is a shallow water bay with beautiful beach background and knee deep turquoise blue waters. You can moor your luxury yacht at a distance and take a kayak oir power dinghy to the shores to have a stroll in the beach. The beaches here are mostly deserted so you can have the beach all for yourself.  Balandra beach is breathtaking and it will prove to be a rare beach experience if you are a first timer.

Swimming with sea lions

Include this program in your La Paz sea adventure and the yacht on way to the isle of Holy Spirit will make a stop at San Rafelito where you can spot these rare sea lions in their natural habitat. sea lions are rare around the world and there are still small pocket of preservation such as the sea of Cortez where  you can swim with them and even chatter with them.

Vacation yacht charter La Paz Mexico is available for half a day tour, day and night tour, two days and one night tour and also weeklong tour for comprehensive coverage of La Paz and Los Cabos you can book these tours by calling Baja Pacifica, Baja Charter Office, Captains Sunset Bar located in the La Paz Marina on phone numbers 214- 974- 0501 (English Only) or (52) 624-128-5666 (Spanish, English, German).  US have many direct flights to the city of La Paz so it is easy for American tourists to land here without any inconvenience.

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