Complete Guide to Overseas Studies From Experts at Calicut

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With the globalisation of education, millions of students migrate from one place to another for studies. As the people of Calicut are highly literate, they are choosing for overseas studies. The majority of them are opting foreign colleges for better options. In this fashion, many study abroad consultants in Calicut are emerging and providing their expertise to scholars. All in all, they will help services from pre-departure to post-arrival. To get a better picture, read the article.

Role of Study Abroad Consultants in Calicut

The study abroad consultants are a team of experts who will guide you throughout the process. Firstly, they will provide a counselling session, in which you get the overall details requirements of this journey. Secondly, the team will evaluate your profile and transcript certificate and suggest options with courses and universities. Next, they will help you with document preparation, get and budget planning like scholarships, and SOP, LOR etc. After that, they will help to clear the major hurdle, the language test. Lastly, they will guide you about the post-arrival services. Moreover, read the article, to know the roles of study abroad consultants in Calicut one by one.

Suggest Universities

At the start of the journey, the team of consultants will provide you with counselling session. During this, they will share all the details about your choice of college, course and country. The experts have consolidated the data in one place for easy access. Later, when you share your academic and financial profile, they will filter out options according to you. Moreover, they will suggest various options for studies . As, overseas studies are always expensive, hence to overcome this, the team will suggest many grant options that will cater for your financial needs. Along with this,  they will help you in required  test preparation.

Help in Test Preparation

To study in a foreign country, you need to fulfil the country’s eligibility criteria. One such area is passing the required language test, which is of two categories. First, the language tests like English, French, German, Spanish and others. These tests will show your skills in speaking, reading, and writing to stay in that country. Another is the entrance exam of that university. Moreover, people from south India are very fluent in English, but somehow they fail to clear this language proficiency  exam. Hence, if you are someone from Calicut, Kochi, or anywhere from Kerala and  facing trouble with these exams, choose study abroad consultants in Calicut to master your skills.

Avail Transcripts Certificates

Next are the academic mark sheets. When you apply for any degree in a foreign nation, you have to show all the credentials of your previous degree. These documents will reflect your grades with subjects and overall marks. Moreover, so many times, we have all these transcripts in soft copy, not in physical form. But when you apply for an overseas degree, you have to present them in the application process and also in an interview. Hence, getting the original from the university is a hectic process. That’s when overseas studies experts will provide you with a list of required certificates to collect and within time..

Easy Application Process

After getting all required documents,, now they will help you with the whole application process. This procedure is very crucial as well as hectic. First of all, you have to decide in which intake you will apply. After that, check all the dates. Later, upload all the documents and wait for the response from the university. Hence, the study abroad consultants  will provide you with face-to-face guidance during the application process. The experts will also make sure that you do not lack in any necessary paper. Nonetheless, if you apply with overseas experts like, they won’t charge anything from you and help you throughout the journey.

Navigate Visa Process

However, many students from Calicut will have issues with their passports, either they are applying for the first time or else they have expired. In this situation study abroad consultants will help to resolve the issues with the  passport and visa. In addition to the passport, you need to have an invitation letter from the university, then only you can apply for visa. This process is in itself lengthy. Most importantly, the foreign nation embassy will ask you to present the documents mentioned and appear for the interview round. After that, they will provide you with a visa for overseas studies.

Post Arrival Services

Lastly, the consultants will provide help after you arrive in the foreign nation. The team will give you the representative’s number. After that, the person will arrange the transport so that you will reach your destination from the airport. In case you haven’t opted for a campus stay, you can ask for the list of accommodations. The study abroad consultants in Calicut will provide the cross-border services to help you till you want.


In the end, students from Calicut are opting for overseas experts as they are getting help under one roof. The team will cater to all your needs and advise after evaluating your profile, ensuring that your decisions align with your personal goals. Along with this, they help you in handling documents, meeting deadlines, getting a transcript certificatepassing a language test and preparing for interviews. Above all, the team will help you with post-arrival services such as pick and drop from airport, accommodation, part-time jobs and networks that would be hard to access otherwise. Hence, book a free session with and start your journey now.

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