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Like the rapid expansion of the IT sector in Bangalore, this city has also shown immense growth in the cosmetic world. It is a modern city in the Indian state of Karnataka which is promptly growing to expand its reach to surrounding areas. So, more and more cosmetic brands are trying to establish themselves in this metropolitan city to fulfill the rising demand for beauty products. Therefore, many companies are turning towards third party cosmetic manufacturers in Bangalore. This is a relatively new concept in the cosmetic industry which is helping out new cosmetic brands to expand their market reach.

Dermasist Innovation Lab – A leader in cosmetic manufacturing

Dermasist is one of the leading companies for third party manufacturing cosmetics in Bangalore. We are fulfilling the growing market needs of this industry. Being the pioneer cosmetic manufacturers, we help brands by developing a premium range of cutting-edge skin care, hair care, and personal care products. We are immensely reckoned for excellence, high-grade, and state-of-the-art cosmetic line production. We develop a comprehensive range of products which include formulation development, testing, quality control, manufacturing, and packaging.

Why choose us for 3rd party cosmetic manufacturing?

If you are a new brand in the cosmetic industry, we can help you grow faster. Our cosmetic manufacturing helps you develop an extensive range of beauty products with strict adherence to quality and safety standards. We have a skilled workforce, a satisfactory regulatory environment, and scientific advances.

Get quality assurance for cosmetics

Quality assurance is a crucial aspect of cosmetic manufacturing that cannot be underrated. Dermasist know the importance of quality and adhere strictly to it. Our cosmetic manufacturing process is rigorous as we have maintained the highest quality standards. Also, we follow good manufacturing practices by complying with all regulatory guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards and Food and Drug Administration. So, consulting with third party cosmetic manufacturers in Bangalore ensures top-quality of your products.

Innovative research and development

Innovation is necessary for cosmetic manufacturing so we believe in research and development. We have established an R & D department to stay at the top of the line and follow the latest trends as per consumer needs. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified scientists and researchers who deliberately work to create novel cosmetic formulations. We have cutting-edge technologies and equipment to perform research on various aspects to deliver optimum cosmetic products.

Custom product development

Third party manufacturing cosmetics in Bangalore provides the ultimate advantage of customized manufacturing. Therefore, you can get products manufactured as per your specific requirements. Being the most trusted third party cosmetic manufacturers, we work with our clients to know their specific requirements. We provide the flexibility they need to develop the cosmetic line as per the name of their brands. We also develop formulations as per required standards and quantities to offer flexibility. Furthermore, we also provide the desired packaging layout to our customers.

Product testing and ethical sourcing

These are the essential components of every cosmetic product development for ensuring quality and safety. Thus, before developing final products, we ensure to have proper testing of formulations. This works to test the safety and stability of formulations so that you can get high-quality products to launch in the market. Also, being the pioneer third party cosmetic manufacturers in Bangalore we ensure to develop a beauty line with natural ingredients only. We have established our own spaces to grow plants and flowers to get organic ingredients. Thus, we source raw materials for products carefully to minimize waste and promote eco-friendly packaging of products.

To sum up

Collaborating with us for third party manufacturing cosmetics in Bangalore brings you many benefits. The foremost thing is that it saves you time and cost as you don’t need to invest a significant amount for production set-up. Moreover, you can get on-time delivery of products with high-end packaging on your brand name.

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