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Patches can be used as key chains or as collecting items in addition to being fastened to uniforms, shirts, sweaters, coats, hats, beanies, bags, and jeans. They give our clothing and accessories vitality and individuality. The most amazing thing about these patches is that you can personalize them to fit your style and convey your tale by choosing any color and design you like. While many different kinds of patches can be used for a variety of purposes, embroidered and PVC patches are now the most popular patch styles.
Each of these patch designs adds a unique flair to any article of apparel or material they are applied to. Every style has advantages and disadvantages that vary based on whether you choose a durable or vintage look. We will go over how they differ from one another below so you can choose the best one for your needs.
Are you in search of personalized patches but unsure about the style to select? Make up your mind by reading our comparison of PVC and embroidered patches below!

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are, of course, the classic, vintage patches that are typically seen on clothing or uniforms. These are typically used for uniforms and apparel by the armed forces, police, colleges, sports teams, and other organizations. Custom patches for jeans with embroidery make your outfit stand out, making you easily recognizable. They match your clothes rather well and exude a cozy, soft vibe.

Personalized embroidery patches are available to meet your needs. Based on the following features, you can choose your preferences:

The most important part of embroidery patches is the threads. Regardless of the color or style you select, they give it a glossy, fabric-like appearance. Because they take up the majority of the patch, threads are the primary characteristic that sets an embroidered patch apart.
A typical patch comes in a dozen colors, but you can opt for more. Additionally, we create tufted patches with a three-dimensional appearance. We provide you with a large selection of threads, including reflective, brilliant, neon, photoluminescent (glow in the dark), traditional gold and silver, and sparkling sequin threads.

Coverage Of Embroideries
A significant element that influences the appearance and cost of your embroidered patches is the coverage of the embroidery thread. The amount of embroidery thread coverage that you desire on your patches must be determined before making an order.

When it comes to personalized borders, you have a few choices. Making a border decision does not have to be difficult if you already know the shape you want your patch to take. The following border types are available for customization with embroidered patches.

The classical style avoids fuzziness and sticks to basic shapes like squares, ovals, and circles. Thick merrowed borders are created by the use of interlock stitching.

Simple Embroidery
Simple border embroidered using the same type of thread as the patch.

The edges of frayed borders still contain unprocessed raw threads. These ragged borders are a common sight on hats, caps, and other items.
Hot Cut: For basic shapes, cut with a hot knife.
Laser Cut: A laser cutting device precisely removes edges from intricate structures.

Embroidered patches typically have backings that are positioned to ensure a proper attachment to the fabric or article of clothing. We provide a wide range of choices to suit your requirements:

Remove & Stick
Iron On (most widely used)
Pinned backing,
Adhesive Magnet for Clothing
Loop Button with Plastic Reverse

Our embroidered patches are strong and long-lasting, but with repeated use over extended amounts of time, they may tear and the borders may begin to peel off. Although they are washable, spills can leave stains that can be very challenging to remove.

PVC Patches

Custom patches are updated with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) patches. These are significantly different from your typical stitched patches because PVC is produced on a very flexible, soft material that resembles rubber. They may be easily shaped into any shape and produced in any color. PVC patches look more angular and sophisticated, and they are available in 2D and 3D. As one might expect, they are formed of liquid PVC material rather than threads. See our in-depth article on the manufacturing process of PVC patches for additional information.
Sports teams, outdoor sports organizations, the armed forces, paramedics, law enforcement, and other institutions utilize PVC patches as a means of identifying themselves. PVC patches are the most extensively used and well-liked patches because of their extreme durability and longevity.
You may design and personalize your PVC patches using the following features:

When creating 2D PVC patches, pay attention to the edges and layers. Flat layers and edges characterize 2D patches, despite the methodical technique.
Similarly, layer by layer, 3D PVC patches are created. However, the layers can be shaped to have a realistic or three-dimensional appearance.
PVC patch backings rely on how the patches are applied to ensure a precise fit against garments or any other surface. We provide a wide range of choices to suit your requirements:

Velcro is the most often used
Iron On
Reusable Magnet:
Remove and Stick (for clothing)
Magnet (for surfaces made of metal)

Our PVC patches are flexible, watertight, and have an incredibly long lifespan. They can endure the harshest environmental conditions and remain intact, plus they are machine washable. PVC patches outlast embroidered patches by far and don’t tear.

Embroidery Patches Versus PVC Patches

Custom embroidered patches and PVC vinyl patches are not comparable. The PVC vinyl merrowing around the edges is the only thread that runs through the patches. Compared to custom embroidered patches, custom PVC vinyl patches are less expensive and need less time to make. Custom embroidered patches have design restrictions, whereas PVC vinyl patches rarely do.
Text effects can be added, including drop shadows and minuscule writing. You can use any color you like; there are no limitations on the colors that you may use. For your PVC vinyl patches, the possibilities are endless when it comes to color and tone selection!
Apart from that, the waterproof polyvinyl chloride (PVC) patches are not going to fade, shatter, fracture, or peel as embroidered patches do. When using a damp towel to clean PVC patches, you can still incorporate depth and complexity into your design. Other backings, such as Velcro, can be utilized with PVC patches.
You can create anything you want because the sky is the only limit. Furthermore, remember that you desire others to eventually be able to read your custom patch, so don’t make the letters too small. Additionally, avoid making a hideous patch.


Patches are a universal way for businesses, sports teams, and governments to identify a certain position or unit. Patches can be sewn onto the uniforms of sports teams, scouting groups, and other specialized organizations. These are attached to clothing by astronauts as a means of identifying their mission.

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