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Everything You Need to Know About Kraft Paper Boxes

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In the current times, the audience is getting more aware of the negative impacts of non-bio packaging products. So, when it comes to packing the products inside the eco-friendly packaging the first name that comes into mind is Kraft paper boxes.

 As compared to other simple papers Kraft is one of the lightweight and inexpensive packaging materials. A few other things that make Kraft packaging most suitable for brands are their exclusive characteristics. So, as a brand you need to understand Kraft paper material in detail. This understanding would assist the brands in adopting the right type of green packaging for their products. However, sustainable packaging solutions are getting popularity day by day. As all eco-friendly Kraft boxes wholesale materials are not harmful to the ecologies as well as for human health. So, let’s explore together some core features of these paper boxes.

 Characteristics of simple Kraft paper

 The brands are now intentionally shifting their preferences towards eco-friendly packaging as they need to contribute their share in cleaning the environment. Prior to selecting any specific type of packaging material, it is eminent for brands to know about the features of such materials. So, here we discuss a few amazing characteristics of simple Kraft paper material that is used for packaging. 

Environmentally protected packaging material

As discussed above the Kraft paper is one of the environments friendly materials as it decomposes in the landfills more easily and abruptly. Moreover, it is 100 percent decomposable so it helps in reducing carbon footprints. And this is one of the leading qualities which make the Kraft paper material most demanding.

Have the feature of recycling

The packaging brands found it really constructive to recycle the used material as it is also cost-effective. Some materials like plastic and metals release different types of gases that are really harmful to living beings. Contrary to this, Kraft paper at the time of recycling does not release any harmful chemicals. So, brands prefer Kraft Paper Boxes for this reason.

Cost-saving and affordable

The Kraft paper material is quite inexpensive as compared to plastic and metal but this paper is more robust than simple paper material. In addition to this, the brands that require the bulk quantity of Kraft paper material get discounts. In this way, packagers would save cost and ultimately Kraft paper packaging would become affordable for the brands.

Folding resistance and toughness

It is also one of the good qualities of eco-friendly Kraft paper boxes that these are tough. You can easily find a number of products with Kraft paper packaging like cement bags and fertilizer bags. It means your products stay safe inside these packaging solutions because of the high strength of these packaging.


The Kraft paper material is naturally having a certain level of breathability that allows air and moisture to pass easily. So, that is why the Kraft packaging material is suitable for the packaging of fresh products.

Characteristics of food-grade Kraft paper boxes

Now you get the idea about the important features of simple Kraft material. However, food-grade Kraft material is having few additional features that help to protect the food. Let’s have a look at all such features in detail.

Oil immersion

The Kraft material is good for cooked food packaging as it absorbs excessive oil and fats. However, by using Kraft paper packagingthe brands can also save the texture of their cooked food for a long duration. The oil immersion quality of Kraft paper also protects the cooked food from sogginess. And in this way, the brands can easily save the food for a long duration.

Water and moisture-proof

Another superb benefit of Kraft Paper Boxes is that it is water and moisture-proof. So, by packing the foodstuff inside this packaging solution you can easily reduce the chances of food spoilage. Food brands surely need to use these boxes for their food products.

Suitable with low-temperature freezing


As the name of low temperature suggests eco-friendly Kraft paper boxesalso go best for the packing of foodstuff that is going to be placed inside the freezers. These paper boxes do not get damaged and also protect food from contamination inside the freezers.

The extent of the expiry period

Last but not least is the extension of the shelf life of food products. So, food products stay safe for a longer duration and that’s the reason the food-grade Kraft material is highly used for making Kraft display boxesfor food products. So, it is recommended to the brands go with the food-grade Kraft material and endow a reliable shelf life to the food items.

All the above-mentioned characteristics of eco-friendly Kraft paper boxesare just amazing and attractive for the product brands. So, they are only required to choose a packaging brand that is capable of producing corrugated mailer boxesof superb quality like “The Custom Boxes”.

Color classifications for Kraft paper packaging

After understanding the core features of custom bowl sleeves material now it is time for you to get an idea about the color classification of Kraft paper. Kraft paper is available in the market in the following-discussed colors and brands are free to pick any color of their choice.

  • Natural brown Kraft paper
  • Single-sided color with yellow-brown
  • Double-sided color Kraft paper
  • White Kraft paper
  • Black Kraft paper
  • Bleached Kraft paper

Every color is having its own beauty and these are also easy to print with custom designs and colors.

Conclusive remarks

After understanding the Kraft material the brands only need to find out the perfect packaging vendor. So, The Custom Boxesis a packaging supplier that offers high-quality Kraft Paper Boxesalong with full-fledged customization. Moreover, their rates are also very impressive and they do not charge anything extra for the shipment of these packaging solutions. So, if you need to get such services you need to contact them right away.

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