Finding a Financial Planner in Richmond, Virginia

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Finding a financial planner who meets all your goals may seem like an impossible feat; but with these three steps in mind, you should have no trouble locating one who suits your requirements.

Agili Financial provides services in Richmond for clients’ financial planning, investment management and tax analysis needs as well as life planning needs. Their clients include business executives, investment managers, heirs and family offices.

Verus Financial Partners

Verus Financial Partners of Richmond, Virginia is an independent financial advisory company offering services such as financial planning, investment management and tax preparation. Their team of advisors offers tailored strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals as they help their investments take place and are monitored. Fee structures vary based on which service is being rendered – for portfolio management services for example they charge a percentage of assets managed while consulting services offer hourly fees or fixed fees depending on what services are required for a successful relationship with Verus Financial Partners.

Verus advises individuals, high-net-worth individuals and affluent families on a range of financial planning matters, including retirement planning, investment management, tax planning coordination with attorneys and coordinating family wealth matters with insurance analysis for closely held business issues. In addition, Verus also provides estate planning services which assist in transferring wealth between generations.

The company employs 17 full-time and part-time employees and manages $837.0 million across 1,925 customer accounts, the majority of its investments being exchange-traded securities (57%). Other types of investments include private equity and real estate with the remaining being non-exchange traded securities or other assets owned by this entity that do not fall under its direct ownership.

Verus Financial Partners provides investment advice as well as retirement plan design and implementation services for nonprofit organizations, including multiemployer and Taft-Hartley plans as well as foundation assets and operating assets. Furthermore, they also offer services for corporate defined-benefit and defined-contribution plans.

David Alexander Kozlowski is an investment adviser working for Verus Financial Partners in Richmond, Virginia and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). With 22 years of industry experience and holding multiple licenses such as Series 6, 7, 63, 65 as well as having taken and passed both Series 24 & 31 exams; David is adept in handling retirement planning as well as estate and income tax matters – an expertise he utilizes regularly as part of American Financial Planning Association membership.

Canal Capital Management

Financial planners are professionals who assist their clients with their finances, from budgeting and debt management, insurance and retirement planning, investments and estate planning to estate administration and succession. There are various types of financial planners, with most offering similar services such as tax advisors, investment consultants, life insurance advisors, retirement plan consultants or fiduciary advisers.

Canal Capital Management is a wealth advisory firm offering investment management and financial planning services. Their GDX360 platform unifies both aspects of investing and financial planning into one seamless process; additionally they offer tailored investment portfolio opportunities and investments for their client base.

The firm aims to offer investors an alternative to traditional asset classes with high fees, by focusing on three core components – investing, financial planning, and asset allocation. Their team of advisors is dedicated to helping investors realize both personal goals and long-term objectives.

Canal Capital Management of Richmond, Virginia is an independent investment advisory firm managing assets worth more than $916 Million across 1,683 accounts. Their team of advisors specialize in various sectors and have over 100 years of combined experience serving high net-worth individuals and families, entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners.

Individual retirees to families and foundations all count among its clients, while its advisors take a holistic approach to wealth management – with particular focus on retirement, estate and insurance planning as well as offering risk-adjusted returns from its global portfolio.

Canal Capital Management strives to offer each client a tailored and interactive client experience. Their team possesses all of the expertise required for this, such as taxation, investment management, financial planning and real estate services. Furthermore, they can serve as fiduciaries on behalf of their clients to give them peace of mind.

Richmond Wealth Management and Financial Planning Group is an independent family-owned wealth management and financial planning firm offering clients in Richmond services that utilize financial knowledge and a team-based approach in order to preserve assets for clients while funding future goals. Clientele includes high net-worth individuals, families, foundations and schools with comprehensive planning services such as cash flow analysis, investment review / planning services as well as insurance needs review/planning reviews/plans retirement funding etc.


Agili provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to high-net-worth individuals. Their equity approach emphasizes growth and value characteristics as well as exchange-traded funds; for fixed income investments they use both taxed debt securities with tax-free bonds that allocate some to cash; this model allows their clients to invest globally across asset classes.

The company provides services primarily in the US. Their clients range from high-net-worth individuals and non-high net-worth individuals alike. Furthermore, pooled investment vehicles and pension and profit-sharing plans are also among their client base. Their team includes highly-experienced financial advisors with expertise in corporate finance and tax law.

Agili puts its clients’ best interests first as a fiduciary. This requires us to disclose any conflicts of interest or potential ones during client communications – this helps prevent unscrupulous planners from exploiting you by seeking to boost portfolio performance at your expense.

Dependent upon your personal situation and amount available for investment, whether a financial advisor is worth their fee will depend upon several factors. If you possess significant assets with complex investment portfolios, hiring one could save both time and money by handling those difficult tasks that would be time-consuming or costly to perform on their own. Furthermore, financial planners can help avoid costly errors while planning investments for maximum return while mitigating risks.

Agili Investment Advisors in Richmond, Virginia is a registered investment adviser offering advisory services to individuals, families and institutions alike. Services provided include tax and estate planning; retirement planning; insurance analysis and risk management; contingency planning for contingencies such as natural disasters; contingency funding and education funding as well as offering investment research, capital preservation services and alternative investment access.

This firm currently manages $972,538,903 of regulatory assets under management, serving 2057 clients through their advisors with an average client balance of $2,786,644. Fees charged by this firm are calculated based on a percentage of assets under management and may include investment research fees, capital preservation charges and performance-based fees.

Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors

Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors is an independent firm offering financial, tax, investment, estate planning services as well as 401(k) advice to business owners. Led by Thomas Marshall as president with over two decades of experience working with retirees and pre-retirees. It boasts an excellent client retention rate exceeding 95%.

This Richmond-based firm serves clients nationwide. Their clients range from individuals and families, pension and retirement accounts, endowments, foundations and charities. With an advisor team boasting more than 100 years of combined industry experience – Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Financial Analysts among them – this firm’s goal is to assist their clients in realizing their dreams.

This firm boasts an advisor-to-client ratio of one advisor for every 130 clients and their advisers are registered in Virginia with several professional certifications, such as Certified Financial Planners, certified financial analysts and chartered mutual fund counselors. Furthermore, estate and retirement planning specialists as well as an SEC-registered investment advisory firm make up its team.

Financial advisors Richmond can work with you to develop a plan that helps save, invest, and protect your assets. They may recommend various asset allocation, diversification and tax-efficient strategies; taking into account both risk tolerance and time horizon; some will charge an hourly fee while others charge a percentage of total assets held.

Finding an advisor who adheres to fiduciary principles – meaning they put your interests before their own – is of utmost importance when selecting financial advice providers. You can do this by researching their credentials and portfolio.

SmartAsset’s advisor matching tool can make finding a financial planner in Richmond easier by matching you up with one in your local area, including minimum account size requirements, fees structures and service areas of each firm as well as products offered.

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