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Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe Price

The Hero HF Deluxe BS6 bike comes in six different variants, each offering something unique to cater to various preferences. Starting with the base variant, the Kick Start Spoke Wheel version is available at an affordable price of Rs 59,990. Moving up, there’s the self-start variant without i3S, which comes in at Rs 65,638. If you fancy the same model but in a stylish black color, it’s priced slightly higher at Rs 66,438. However, for those seeking top-of-the-line features, there’s the premium model equipped with self-start, alloy wheels, and i3S technology, priced at Rs 67,138. These prices are based on ex-showroom rates in Delhi, making the Hero HF Deluxe BS6 an attractive option for riders looking for both affordability and performance.

Hero HF Deluxe Features

When it comes to the design, the Hero HF Deluxe stands out for its classic and timeless appearance. While it may not boast the cutting-edge aesthetics of some of its counterparts, it maintains a certain charm with its conventional styling. Compared to the Splendor bike, which is another popular offering from Hero, the HF Deluxe adds a touch of flair with subtle stylistic enhancements.

However, in terms of modern features, the HF Deluxe falls a bit short. Unlike newer models that come equipped with advanced technologies such as LED lighting and digital instrumentation, the HF Deluxe sticks to the basics. Instead of flashy LED lights, you’ll find conventional lighting elements on this bike. Similarly, while many motorcycles now offer digital screens providing a wealth of information at a glance, the HF Deluxe keeps it simple with an analog console.

Despite the lack of high-tech bells and whistles, the HF Deluxe still provides essential functionality with its analog console. Riders can easily monitor their speed and keep track of fuel levels thanks to the inclusion of a speedometer and fuel gauge. While it may not offer the same level of sophistication as some of its competitors, the HF Deluxe prioritizes reliability and practicality, making it a dependable choice for riders who value simplicity and functionality.

Hero HF Deluxe Engine Specifications

The Hero HF Deluxe is a popular motorcycle known for its reliability and efficiency, much like its cousin, the Splendor. Powering this bike is a robust 97.2 cc engine, which delivers a smooth and dependable performance on the road. In its latest BS6 avatar, the engine has undergone some enhancements. It now churns out 8 horsepower and 8.05 Newton-meters of torque, which, although slightly lower by 0.3 horsepower compared to the previous BS4 model, still offers ample power for daily commuting and short trips.

One notable update in the BS6 version is the introduction of fuel injection technology, which optimizes fuel delivery for better efficiency and cleaner emissions. Additionally, a chunky catalytic converter has been integrated into the exhaust system to further reduce harmful emissions, making the HF Deluxe more environmentally friendly.

Despite these changes, the core characteristics of the HF Deluxe remain unchanged. It retains the same 4-speed gearbox, providing riders with smooth gear transitions and a comfortable riding experience. While the updates to the engine are significant, Hero assures that the overall performance and reliability of the HF Deluxe remain uncompromised.

One of the highlights of the BS6 version is its improved fuel efficiency. Hero claims that the updated engine now delivers 9% more mileage than its predecessor, making it even more economical to ride in urban and rural settings alike. This increased efficiency not only benefits the rider’s wallet but also reduces the carbon footprint of the motorcycle, contributing to a cleaner environment.

In essence, the Hero HF Deluxe BS6 combines tried-and-tested performance with modern enhancements, offering riders a practical and efficient means of transportation for their daily needs.

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Hero HF Deluxe Suspension and Brakes

The Hero HF Deluxe also boasts a fuel-efficient engine, making it an economical choice for daily commuting or long rides. Its air-cooled, 4-stroke single-cylinder engine delivers a balanced blend of power and efficiency, allowing riders to cover more miles on less fuel.

With a displacement of around 97.2cc, the HF Deluxe provides sufficient power for urban commuting while maintaining excellent fuel economy. This engine is mated to a smooth and precise 4-speed gearbox, enabling seamless gear shifts and effortless acceleration.

In terms of design, the Hero HF Deluxe features a timeless and understated aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of riders. Its sleek lines, ergonomic layout, and comfortable seating position make it suitable for both short trips around town and longer journeys on the open road.

Furthermore, the HF Deluxe offers ample storage space with a convenient under-seat storage compartment, allowing riders to stow away essential items such as documents, tools, or personal belongings securely.

Overall, the Hero HF Deluxe continues to be a popular choice among riders looking for a reliable, efficient, and affordable motorcycle that excels in both performance and practicality. With its sturdy construction, smooth ride, dependable braking system, and fuel-efficient engine, the HF Deluxe remains a top contender in its segment.

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