Hero Super Splendor Price in India 2024

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Hero Super Splendor

Hero Super Splendor Price

Hero MotoCorp sells the Super Splendor in two versions – Drum and Disc. The Drum version costs Rs 80,848, while the Disc version costs Rs 84,748 (both prices are for buying from the showroom in Delhi). You can choose from different colors for the Super Splendor: Black and Accent, Black-Silver STR, Metallic Nexus Blue, Candy Blazing Red, and Sports Red Black.

Hero Super Splendor Features

The Hero Super Splendor is designed to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable riding experience with its array of essential features and conveniences. At the heart of this bike lies a robust 125cc engine, delivering reliable performance for both urban commutes and highway cruising.

One of the standout features of the Super Splendor is its electric starter, ensuring quick and effortless ignition with just the push of a button. This feature eliminates the need for kick-starting, enhancing convenience, especially in busy urban environments.

Enhancing both style and functionality, the bike comes fitted with sleek black alloy wheels. Not only do these wheels add a touch of sophistication to the overall design, but they also contribute to improved handling and stability on various road surfaces.

The dashboard of the Hero Super Splendor strikes a balance between classic and modern with its combination of analog and digital elements. The analog speedometer provides a traditional yet easily readable display of current speed, while the digital panel offers a wealth of information at a glance. This digital panel includes vital data such as fuel gauge, odometer for tracking mileage, real-time fuel efficiency for optimizing fuel consumption, and a clock for keeping track of time during your journeys.

Safety is paramount, and the Super Splendor is equipped with features to ensure rider protection. The side stand engine cut-off mechanism prevents the engine from starting if the side stand is engaged, reducing the risk of accidents caused by forgetting to retract the stand before riding.

Furthermore, the bike offers added convenience with a built-in USB charger. This feature allows riders to charge their electronic devices such as smartphones or GPS units while on the move, ensuring that they stay connected and powered up throughout their journeys.

Hero Super Splendor Suspension and Brakes

The Hero Super Splendor boasts a practical design aimed at providing a comfortable and efficient riding experience. Its suspension system, comprising a 30mm telescopic fork in the front and 5-step adjustable hydraulic coil springs in the rear, ensures stability and customizable comfort on various road surfaces. Equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels and tubeless tires (80/100-18 front, 100/80-18 rear), the bike offers excellent traction and durability. Riders have the choice between a 240mm disc brake or a 130mm drum brake for the front wheel, while the rear wheel features a standard 130mm drum brake, providing reliable stopping power. With a high ground clearance of 180mm, the Hero Super Splendor navigates rough roads with ease, complemented by a comfortable seat positioned at 198mm height. Its 10-litre fuel tank capacity ensures decent range and fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and occasional adventures.

Hero Super Splendor Engine

The Super Splendor’s appeal extends beyond just its performance and mechanical features. Its design is also worth noting, as it strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics. With its sleek lines and ergonomic design, the Super Splendor offers both comfort and style to riders.

One of the key factors contributing to the Super Splendor’s popularity is its fuel efficiency. With rising fuel costs and environmental concerns, many riders prioritize vehicles that can go the extra mile on a tank of gas. The Super Splendor delivers on this front, offering impressive fuel economy figures that ensure fewer trips to the gas station and reduced emissions.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Super Splendor is its low maintenance requirements. Thanks to its robust engineering and reliable components, this motorcycle requires minimal upkeep, saving riders both time and money in the long run. This aspect further adds to its appeal for riders looking for a hassle-free commuting solution.

Moreover, the Super Splendor is backed by Hero’s extensive service network and reputation for customer satisfaction. With widespread availability of spare parts and skilled technicians, owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their motorcycle is well-supported and serviced whenever needed.

In essence, the Hero Super Splendor stands out as a reliable, fuel-efficient, and low-maintenance motorcycle that offers a comfortable and stylish riding experience. Whether it’s navigating through city streets or embarking on longer journeys, the Super Splendor proves to be a dependable companion for riders seeking practicality and performance in their daily commute.

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Hero Super Splendor Variants

The Super Splendor and Super Splendor Xtec are both fantastic options for those in search of reliable and stylish bikes. When it comes to color choices, the Super Splendor offers a wide range of six vibrant options to suit every taste and personality. On the other hand, the Super Splendor Xtec provides a more curated selection of three distinct colors, each designed to make a statement on the road.

Despite their color variety, both bikes share a common set of standard features that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. From powerful engines to efficient fuel consumption, these bikes are built to deliver exceptional performance. Additionally, safety features such as advanced braking systems and sturdy frames provide peace of mind for riders of all levels.

Whether you prefer the boldness of the Super Splendor or the sleekness of the Super Splendor Xtec, you can rest assured that each bike offers not only style but also reliability and functionality. So, take your pick from the array of colors and embark on your next adventure with confidence and style.

Hero Super Splendor Rivals

The Hero Super Splendor costs less than other 125cc commuter bikes such as Honda Shine, Bajaj CT125X, and some versions of TVS Raider. It’s a good choice if you want a bike that’s easier on the wallet.

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