How Spy Apps Can Be Used for More Than Just Spying

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With the rising popularity of technology and the high usage of smartphones, spy apps have also become increasingly popular. The phone spy apps are used for monitoring someone’s activities on their phone. You can track someone’s text messages and call logs, you can track their location and even internet browsing. 

While the main purpose of these apps is to spy on someone, there are other ways as well that these mobile spy apps can be used for more than just spying. 

Spy App for Parental Control

One of the most common reasons for using spy apps is for parental control. Parents can use the app to monitor what their kids are doing on the internet and their phone. This way parents can be sure about their children’s online safety and these apps are a great tool that provide accurate and real-time information of their children’s patterns and in case the parents sense any dangerous or inappropriate behavior, they can take timely action. We know how cybercrimes are rapidly increasing and by using the spy apps, parents can be at peace and help and guide their children whenever needed. 

Employee Monitoring

Not only parents, but even employers can monitor their employees’ activities on their official phones. This way companies can ensure that their employees are using their work phones strictly for work-related purposes and not for their personal use. No matter if the employee is working from home via chats and emails or is at field or traveling, certain features of a spy app can help them track everything the employees are up to. 

However, it is important for companies to inform their employees about the use of spy apps and have a clear policy in place to avoid any legal issues.

Personal Safety with Spy Applications

Spy apps can also be used as a tool for safety. While you are away from your loved ones, the phone tracking app will notify your family member who has the access to your device to know what you are doing and where you are traveling. Similarly, if you are tensed about your loved ones’ safety, be it your old parents or young children, you can install the app on their device and avoid the potential risks with the benefits of spy apps.

Lost or Stolen Phone Recovery

Losing a phone, be it an old or a new one can be stressful and frustrating at the same time. However, if you have installed a spy app on it then you can track the location of the device. Some apps also have the ability to lock the phone remotely so that’s another benefit of using these apps. This feature is even more beneficial for businesses where the official phones may contain some confidential information. 

Data Backup and Recovery

Some spy apps also let you backup the data that it stored on their server. You can save your contacts, messages, photos, videos and in some cases even the call recordings. Like, the spy app Onemonitar can let you save all this information to the phone’s local storage. This ensures that you can save your important data even if you lose it from the main device for whatever reason. 

Which spy app should you choose?

While there are many spy apps on the web today, finding the above mentioned features can be challenging. However, phone spy apps like Onemonitar can cater all these needs. This app can be used for purposes like parental control, employee monitoring, personal safety, to find lost devices and data backup and recovery.

Also, the application offers 60+ features like a hidden call recorder that not only records the phone conversations but also provides the complete caller’s details including their name and number and you can also block the caller if you don’t want to entertain them. Another attractive feature is social media monitoring where you can spy on WhatsApp chats, check the target’s Instagram, Facebook and other social apps’ activities. The live-location tracking is another valuable feature to monitor real-time movement of your loved ones and ensure that they are traveling safely. 


In conclusion, while many people think that the primary reason for using spy apps could be merely for spying on someone, the upgraded features and the potential of these apps have proved them wrong. With all the points mentioned above, we are sure that you will also look at the phone monitoring apps differently and in a positive way. If used ethically and wisely, these apps can provide peace of mind and convenience in various ways and situations.

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