How To Appraise Estate Jewelry

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Have you acquired estate jewelry or bought it in estate sales? If yes, then you must be wondering about its value. This is where jewelry appraisal services come into picture. Professional jewelry appraisers have expertise to assess estate jewelry pieces. After examining your pieces and researching the market trends, they can determine the current market value of your jewelry.

What is estate jewelry?

When someone inherits jewelry from the estate of a loved one then it is known as the estate jewelry. Even when someone purchases jewelry in estate sales then also it is called estate jewelry. The estate jewelry originally belonged to a person who had passed away.

Ways To Find Out The Worth Of Estate Jewelry

If you have acquired estate jewelry or bought it in estate sales, you might be interested in knowing its worth. Getting jewelry appraisal by a professional appraiser is the best way to find out the true market value of estate jewelry. A jewelry appraisal is required for the insurance of your coveted possessions. If you want to resell your jewelry, then also to gauge its value, an appraisal is required. Find out a professional appraiser who will have the expertise to appraise your type of jewelry.

Precious Metal & Hallmark

Jewelry appraisal services can be utilised to ensure that they appraise your precious items properly. They will have a closer look at your inherited pieces to know the metal weight, quality and other details. They will look at the hallmark, which will let them know the quality of the precious metal used – gold, silver or platinum. Low grade metals will not have any hallmark on the pieces.

Jewelry items crafted over ten decades ago are likely to have no hallmarks even if pure gold, silver or platinum has been used. There are other tests that an appraiser can do to know more about the precious metal quality.

If you are looking for a trustworthy company providing jewelry appraisal services, then look no further than Prestige Valuations. They have experienced appraisers who can determine the accurate value of your jewelry in the current market using their expertise and knowledge. They also offer other appraisal services such as watches, fine art and handbag appraisals.

Diamonds & Other Gemstones

Your appraiser will next examine the diamonds and other gemstones used in the item and will try to find out their quality. Authentic gemstones are valuable but fake stones can also be studded in your jewelry items. An appraiser will check for the size and quality of the gemstones used. They will examine the 4Cs of a diamond, which are color, cut, clarity and carat. Along with these, they will also take into account the setting and condition of your item.

You can find out details about various stones on the website of the Gemological Institute of America.
Consult a certified appraiser to assess estate jewelry’s quality, authenticity, and market value. Provide documentation and avoid conflicts of interest for an accurate valuation.

Which Era it Belong to?

Jewelry from every era has its characteristics and by knowing the era, an appraiser can unveil a lot of information, including historical facts about the piece. The age of the piece is very useful for appraisers. Antique and vintage jewelry pieces are desired by jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Materials and gemstones used along with certain characteristics can be utilised to find out the era of the coveted piece. Just like jewelry estate sales may also include luxury handbags. Getting a handbag appraisal is equally crucial as the valuation of jewelry.

Evaluate the Condition

Condition is a big factor in deciding the worth of a jewelry piece. The appraiser will evaluate the piece for any damage. Minor issues can be taken care of by getting it repaired and cleaned by a professional. During the appraisal process, wear and tear can greatly impact the value of the precious item.

Whether you are planning to get your jewelry appraised or you want to sell it, make sure it’s clean as that can make a big difference.

What are the primary factors that influence appraisal value?

Several factors can influence the appraisal value, let’s know a few of them.

Brand & Craftsmanship: If your piece has been manufactured by a renowned luxury jewelry brand, then its value will automatically rise. Intricately crafted pieces designed by a popular designer will seek higher prices. Such a luxury piece will boast of premium quality and will attract buyers easily. Jewelry enthusiasts and collectors will be keen to add such a rare piece to their collections.

Rarity, market demand, age, materials and condition are some of the other factors that will be taken into consideration by the companies providing jewelry appraisal services.

Assess estate jewelry’s quality, authenticity, and market value by consulting a certified appraiser like Prestige valuations in USA. Gather documentation and ensure no conflicts of interest.

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