How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 102 in 7 Easy  Ways?

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 QuickBooks is a top-notch accounting Tool that is used by many working professionals in the Industry. It’s one of the most favored tools for users and newcomers in the market. Offlate, the users have complained about many errors, and one of these errors goes by the name of QuickBooks Error 102. This error is infamous among users for being a banking error that does not allow users to access bank accounts and bank transactions through QuickBooks. To resolve the error you can download QB Toolhub which will resolve the error once you download it. If you have any problems with QuickBooks Error 15240, then you can contact the help support center for further help. The QB error 102 will be resolved easily if you follow these steps.

Reasons for The Occurrence Of QuickBooks Error 102

 The following are the ways through which you can resolve QuickBooks Error 102

  •  Network Issue at Your Bank End.
  •  For new users, Online Banking Accounts have not started 
  • Incorrect Banking Accounts have not been logged in by the user.
  •  Network Connection Issue 

 Ways To Resolve QuickBooks Error 102

 The following are the ways Through  which  you can resolve QuickBooks Error code 102 : 

Method 1: Update your bank connection 

 Just follow the instructions to update your bank connection; 

Manual update: 

  •    The bank connection must be updated manually. 
  • Because some accounts require manual updating;
  •  In this case, you will be informed during the contact interview.
  •  Log in to QuickBooks Online. 
  • Select the “Banking” menu from the left bar.
  •  If you only want to update some of your accounts, click to remove unwanted accounts. 
  • Choose to upgrade now. 
  • When prompted, enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials (click to display on the screen within 2 minutes), then click Continue to update.
  • A manual update will take 90 days and all new data listed during that time will be downloaded. 
  • That way, if you have to go days between updates, you’ll still get the latest information even when you’re connected to your account.

Method  2: Check your bank or credit card website  

  • Check whether the bank’s credit card website is working or not. 
  • To do this, follow the procedure;   Log in to your credit card website.
  •   Check for warning messages or messages.  
  • Then check account pages, transactions, and account history. 
  •  If you can’t check all of the above, there might be a connection problem.

Method 3: Check your Login Information

  • Check that you can log in to your bank’s site through the URL that the bank has provided us with online banking. 
  •  If you are unable to connect to your bank and follow the 6 steps found in the section, see below adding your bank accounts to download and troubleshoot transactions in QuickBooks Online: 
  • The reason may be that you may not be able to join your bank.
  • Choose the Banking menu.
  • If you have not linked to any bank before, search for the name of your financial institution.
  • And, if you have previously linked to a bank, then select Add Account in the top right and search for the names of your financial institutions.
  • Select your financial institution from the list.
  • For the Financial Institution website, enter your User ID or Login ID and Password and select Continue.
  • If your financial institution requires it, complete the additional security verification steps, and select Connect securely.
  • Select the bank symbol to the left of the account you want to connect and select the account type drop-down menu to select bank type or credit card account. You must either choose a bank or credit card account. If you do not have an account, you can add + new to create a new account.
  • When you first join your account, QuickBooks downloads online transactions over the last 90 days and will automatically download your banking and credit card transactions overnight, for a short period, Need a short date range?
  • Choose to Connect it may take a few minutes.
  • After your download is completed, you will be taken back to the banking page.
  •  The review tab will include transactions downloaded from your financial institution, which you can review, classify, and accept the QuickBooks.
  • If your bank is not listed or you cannot connect otherwise, or if you need more than 90 days of data, you can download transactions from your bank’s website and upload them to QuickBooks Online.

Method 4: Check all your account information or notifications

  •   If your login is successful, you will see a notice, message, or warning from your bank indicating that something is not working as well as you would like. 
  • Also make sure you can view your account summary, account history, and account transactions without any problems.

Method 5. Wait for the bank to act  

  • You have to wait until the bank resolves the problems with your server.  
  • Try again after some time.

Method 6: Make sure your account is not new to the bank 

  •  If your account is a new bank or credit card, you may also receive this error message.
  •  Some new accounts do not currently work with Internet Banking.
  •  Please check if this is a problem.
  •  Contact your bank or credit card company.

 Method 7: Set it to update itself automatically 

  •  If QuickBooks cannot update from the bank account, it will try to update five more times in the next five hours. 
  • You can track updates in the following ways.  
  •  Use the left sidebar to access the banking service. 
  • Next, go to the top right corner for the “Refresh” option. 
  • You will now be shown the latest date and time.
  •  Then, continue with the manual update.
  •  After that, you will be able to access banking services again.
  •  Select “Remove unwanted accounts” if you want to update only the accounts you want. 
  • Select the currently available update option.

 With this article, you will be able to resolve QuickBooks Error 102. If the Error persists for a long time, you can contact the help support number for further help. Suppose you have any doubts or issues that you are unable to solve. Then make sure you give them a call ASAP. Your query will be resolved in no time.

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