How to Save Outlook Email Attachments? Get the Solution Here!

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Save Outlook Email Attachments

It is often seen that most of the users undergo troublesome times when they try to download all attachments from Outlook email. Are you also hovering to know how to save Outlook email attachments? Then, this write-up will help you know all possible solutions for the same.

Across the globe, email communication is widely used by both small-scale and large-scale business organizations. To meet the challenging business needs, we often send and receive email messages along with attachments. This email attachment can be an important document that carries potential information. But what if your Inbox folder is loaded with bulk emails from which you need to extract all attachments?

What if there are bulk PST files from which the attachments need to be removed and saved to a folder? How to save all email attachments in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2013, etc. versions? We have answered all your queries in the below sections .

Save Outlook Email Attachments – Reasons

There are many reasons why a user might want to export attachments from Outlook emails. So below we have described some of the motives.

  • Storing emails on OneDrive provides extra security for your data. Furthermore, in the event of data loss or compliance requirements, one can restore their email rapidly.
  • You can quickly optimize storage space for new emails by storing old emails on OneDrive. Plus, by saving old emails to OneDrive, you’ll have a clutter-free mailbox.
  • When you download PST email attachments to OneDrive, you can access the content offline by downloading a specific email or folder. This facility comes in handy during travel.
  • This is the primary benefit of storing Outlook 365 emails on OneDrive. If you accidentally delete or lose your data, you can recover it instantly.

After knowing all the reasons, let us move further and know some solutions so that we can get rid of this downloading problem.

Now, here there are two types of methods, the first is the automated way and the second is the manual way. So, let us start knowing the first method.

Download All Attachments from Outlook Email – Professional Method

Use SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor, an all-rounder wizard that offers mind-blowing features to answer how to Outlook email attachments from single or bulk PST files. The best part of the software is that it is capable of extracting Outlook email attachments from OST and BAK files as well, including PST files.

It helps to download Outlook attachments from the latest Outlook versions 2019, 2016, 2013, and all the previous versions. It provides various advanced features to easily process the extraction of attachments from bulk Outlook files.

How to Save Outlook Email Attachments Using Extractor Tool?

  1. At first, download and launch the software on your system
  2. Add the Outlook data files i.e., PST, OST, or BAK file using the Add File (s) or Add Folder option.
  3. The software provides additional options to save Outlook email attachments by excluding deleted items and junk folders. It also provides the option to extract Outlook attachments from all folder (s) or selected folder (s)
  4. This amazing software provides numerous advanced features such as selective attachment extraction, date filter, size filter, naming conventions, etc.
  5. Once all the required filters are applied, click Extract to save Outlook email attachments
  6. After that, navigate to the destination folder wherein the extracted attachments will be saved.

Here are the steps of the Smart solution end. Now your task is completed with the help of this software in just a few minutes without losing any data. Now if you want a manual method through which you can save email with attachments in Outlook. So, follow the methods given below.

How to Save Outlook Email Attachments Manually?

There is no direct method to save attachments from Outlook. For this, you will have to go through two types of methods. So, follow methods 1 and 2 given below.

Approach #1: Select & Download PST Email Attachments

This method allows you to save attachments from a single email message at once. To extract attachments from Outlook emails, repeat the same steps.

  1. From the Outlook application, select the email message to save attachments
  2. Then, right-click on the selected email choose the Save All Attachments option, and click OK
  3. Once it is done, provide the destination location in your local folder.

Approach #2: Use VBA to Download all Email Attachments

  1. Within the Outlook email program, open VBA using the “Alt+F11” keys
  2. Download and import VBA Macro from the link given below-
  3. Once the VBA Editor is launched, navigate to File>> Import File>>upload mAttachmentSaver.bas file and click the Open button
  4. From MS Outlook, select emails.
  5. Using Alt+F8 keys, open Macro wizard>> select ExecuteSaving>> Run>> Browse For Folder option
  6. After that, provide the destination location to download all PST attachments

Time to Conclude

How to save Outlook email attachments is one of the frequently asked questions seen among Outlook users these days. To answer this query, we have introduced a genuine and easy-to-use solution using manual and third-party tools. Moreover, opting for the customized automated tool is the wise choice to download all PST attachments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to export Outlook email attachments from multiple PST files?
Ans. The manual procedure is pretty tedious to save attachments from multiple PST files. Hence, it is best suggested to avail of the aforementioned Outlook Attachment Extractor software.

Q. Is it possible to extract a picture as an attachment?
Ans. Yes. The software is designed in a manner wherein it permits users to remove and save attachments to the local drive, irrespective of the attachment file type.

Q. Does the software allow to saving of PST email attachments from the Outlook 2010 version?
Ans. Yes. Using this efficient tool, one could instantly downlaod Outlook email attachments from the latest MS Outlook 2019 and the previous versions, including the Outlook 2010 version.

Q. How to save Outlook email attachments from OST files?

Ans. Besides extracting attachments from PST files, the software can efficiently save attachments from OST and BAK files. Moreover, one can seamlessly extract attachments from emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. using this powerful software.

Q. Is it possible to extract attachments selectively?

Ans. Yes. The latest v4.0 of Outlook Attachment Extractor software comes up with an impressive “Date Filter” option. Using this, it allows to extraction of selective attachments by specifying the date ranges.

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