Important Decisions to make before selecting a Pergolas Design

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A pergola is a beautiful elemental structure that can adorn the garden of your house. You may have noticed this outdoor arch in many Australian homes. It serves many purposes, apart from creating a relaxing ambiance in your outdoor. Australians love their outdoors, what can be better than improving the backyard or garden for ultimate comfort. The soothing effect of the pergolas adds value to the property. People have now started using alumawood which resembles the structure and look of real wood and is a great affordable design for installing pergolas.

Pergolas provide shelter during summer:

They don’t like to waste the outdoor space; they renovate the area with pergolas that looks like an arch with a roof and climbing plants beautifying the roof. In terms of the structure, a pergola has multiple free-standing, independent columns supporting a flat roof. This can be an amazing entertainment zone. It can turn into a great secondary sitting area or a relaxing, resting place amidst a delightful garden. If you are keen to have your own pergolas, think about the following factors before selecting a design. The outdoor garden or the yard area gets warm during summers, so sturdy and colorful pergolas can create a shady area and give shelter to many.

When considering the addition of a pergola to your outdoor space, several factors should guide your design choices. Pergolas, resembling arches with roofs adorned by climbing plants, not only maximize outdoor space but also serve as captivating entertainment zones. These structures typically consist of multiple free-standing columns supporting a flat roof, creating an ideal secondary sitting area or a serene retreat within a beautiful garden.

To ensure your pergola meets your needs, consider the following factors before settling on a design. Given that outdoor spaces can become warm during summers, opt for sturdy and vibrant pergolas that not only provide shade but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. The choice of climbing plants for the pergola’s roof is crucial, as they contribute to the overall charm and ambiance.

Additionally, assess the available space and tailor the pergola’s dimensions accordingly, ensuring it complements the existing landscape. Thoughtful placement of furniture and amenities can transform your pergola into a versatile and inviting space for various activities, from hosting gatherings to offering a peaceful haven for relaxation. By carefully considering these factors, you can create a pergola that seamlessly integrates with your outdoor environment, combining both functionality and aesthetic allure.

Points to be considered before choosing a pergola  design:

  • Have a proper intent: If you have made up your mind to have a pergola at home, think about its logical usage. Do you want to use it as a walkway, a shelter, an outward extension of your living room or an activity zone for family and friends? It is important to have a clear picture in your mind. That would help you select the next plan of action.
  • Think about the Location: Once you know the reason for having a pergola, zero down on a location. Where do you wish to place the pergolas? Make sure there are no obstructions nearby. Look for a place that can draw all the attention. The location should be safe and ideal for relaxing, entertainment, or cooking. A custom-built pergola helps you to get an idea about where to locate your pergola. You can consult with the right contractor to check design and flexibility when it comes to the installation and the maintennace of the same.
  • Decide on the shape and size: There are a number of shapes and designs of pergolas available in the market. You should choose a shape and colour that complements the aesthetics of your house. The most common shapes used in many houses are hexagonal, circular, square, and rectangular. The square and rectangular shapes are the favourite shapes. It depends on personal choice and creativity. But you need to remember two things, one, the shape of the pergola will largely depend on available space. If the space is small, it cannot support a wide structure. If you are constructing the structure, make sure you read the instructions carefully.
  • Choose the ideal material:  There are various materials available for you to choose from. The popular choice is wood, it gives a refreshing look and blocks the direct glare of the Sun. The common outdoor woods include pine, cedar, redwood, and teak. However, it may require regular maintenance to avoid stains, fungi, moisture, and termites. Though, there are always chances of rusting or corrosion. Some of them are chemically treated to avoid this problem. Choose the one right for your budget. 

Finally, think of the above factors along with your budget before choosing a pergola design. You may also add special features like lighting your walkway and steps to upgrade the pergolas. If you are not sure, take the help of a professional to build your Pergolas.

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