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IRCTC Food on Train: Enhancing Railway Journey Experience

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Travelling by train in India often means long journeys, and accessing quality food on the go can be a challenge. However, with the introduction of the Irctc food on train service, passengers now have the convenience of enjoying a variety of meals delivered right to their seats. Let’s explore how this service is revolutionizing the dining experience for railway passengers.

Ordering Process

Ordering food through IRCTC while on a train is a seamless process. Passengers have multiple options to place their orders, including online ordering through the IRCTC website or app, calling the toll-free number, or even sending an SMS with their requirements.

Menu Variety and Options

One of the highlights of IRCTC food on train service is the wide range of menu options available to passengers. From regional delicacies to special dietary requirements like Jain food, diabetic meals, or gluten-free options, there’s something to suit every palate and preference.

Quality and Hygiene Standards

IRCTC maintains strict quality and hygiene standards to ensure that passengers receive fresh and hygienic meals during their journey. Food is prepared in certified kitchens and undergoes rigorous quality checks before being delivered to passengers.

Delivery Timeliness

Timely delivery of food is crucial, especially during long train journeys. IRCTC ensures that meals are delivered to passengers promptly, minimizing any inconvenience and ensuring a satisfactory dining experience.

Pricing and Payment Options

The pricing of meals offered by IRCTC is competitive and caters to different budget preferences. Passengers can choose from a range of payment options, including online payment, cash on delivery, or even using their IRCTC e-wallet for added convenience.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Customer feedback plays a significant role in shaping the quality of service offered by IRCTC. Positive reviews from satisfied passengers reflect the efficiency and reliability of the food delivery service, while any constructive feedback helps in further improving the overall experience.

IRCTC Food on Train App

For added convenience, passengers can also download the IRCTC Food on Train app, which offers a user-friendly interface and a host of features to streamline the ordering process. The app provides real-time updates on order status and allows passengers to track their meals seamlessly.

Tips for a Better Experience

To make the most of the IRCTC food on train service, passengers are advised to order their meals in advance, specify any dietary requirements or preferences clearly, and provide feedback after every meal to help IRCTC maintain high-quality standards.

Comparison with Other Railway Catering Services

Compared to traditional railway catering services, IRCTC food on train stands out for its variety, quality, and convenience. The service has set a new benchmark in railway dining, offering passengers a memorable culinary experience during their journey.

Impact on Passenger Experience

The availability of quality food on trains has a significant impact on passenger experience, enhancing comfort and satisfaction levels. With IRCTC food on train service, passengers can now look forward to a pleasant dining experience while travelling.

Challenges Faced and Solutions

Despite its many advantages, IRCTC food on train service does face certain challenges, such as ensuring timely delivery during peak hours or addressing any technical glitches in the ordering process. However, proactive measures and continuous improvement efforts help in overcoming these challenges effectively.

Future Enhancements and Innovations

Looking ahead, IRCTC aims to further enhance its food on train service by introducing innovative features such as pre-packaged meal options, onboard chefs, and interactive menus. These enhancements promise to elevate the dining experience for railway passengers to new heights.


In conclusion, food on train service has revolutionized the way passengers dine during train journeys in India. With its wide menu variety, stringent quality standards, and seamless ordering process, the service has earned accolades for its contribution to enhancing passenger comfort and satisfaction levels.


  1. Can I order food on any train through IRCTC?
    • Yes, IRCTC food on train service is available on most trains across India.
  2. Are there vegetarian options available?
    • Yes, IRCTC offers a variety of vegetarian meals to cater to different dietary preferences.
  3. How can I track my food order?
    • Passengers can track their food orders through the IRCTC website, app, or by calling the customer care helpline.
  4. Is it possible to cancel or modify my food order?
    • Yes, passengers can cancel or modify their food orders through the IRCTC app or website before the scheduled delivery time.
  5. What should I do if I have any complaints about the food quality or delivery?
    • Passengers can lodge complaints through the IRCTC website, app, or by contacting the customer care helpline for prompt resolution.

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