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What to see in La Paz when you are on a holiday in the Mexican port city

When you take the name of Laz Paz, Mexico the first thing that comes to mind is the amazing sun sets that the port city is able to show to its tourists. For reasons best known to nature, the sunsets in La Paz is always spectacular and you can watch the sunset from the sea boarding a luxury charter or climbing over the volcanic mound so Isla Espiritu Santo or simply sitting on the benches placed at the board walk of Malecon. The Malecon is decorated with the presence of rare statues that are unconventional but relevant to the sea life and native character. The city of La Paz is famous for its 5-km long boardwalk that is lined up with palm trees in the middle and cafes, bars and restaurants on the other side. Booking a La Paz yacht charters will be hugely convenient and comfortable because the cruise will take you to the deep of San Rafaelito, where the sea lions are or Balandra Beach that you can reach by kayaking, swimming or by power dinghies.

Top Attractions of La Paz

Walk the Malecon

This 5 km long walkway is on the sea front and it is lined up with bars and restaurants that offer both local and international drinks and beverages, live music during weekends and expat bars and sports bars for community enjoyment. Here you will find piers for luxury yachts or catamarans that will take tourist deep in to the sea of Cortez and consequently to all those beautiful beaches known worldwide. This is the perfect place for watching the sunset if you are not on a yacht or catamaran.

Find rate sculptures

While walking the Malecon you could come across strange figurines such as a fish in flight, mermaid and shark, pearl in a shell, dolphin, statue of whale shark, and other oceanic themed sculptures crafted by local artists. It is a free walk and ticketless entertainment to watch these statues and wonder who planned such wonderful features for the city of La Paz.

Large murals on city walls

The city of La Paz is made colourful with gigantic murals painted on the city buildings. It is a great graffiti tour you can undertake by walking and the murals are the reflection of local legends and their stories. By watching them you will realize that there is more to La Paz than the wonderful beaches and breathtaking sea life. 

The Catedral de Nuestra Señora de La Paz

It is called as Our Lady of Peace Cathedral and it is catholic. It is the top seat of Christianity in La Paz and a bishop oversee thegroup of churches here. It is a great art of building work and you must see it to know how advanced La Paz architecture which is mostly Spanish origin.

Beach of Balandra visit

The Balandra beach is only half an hour drive from La Paz and it is the most beautiful in the entire Mexico. It is ranked among the top beaches of the world and is environmentally protected by UNESCO. Balandra beach is made up of 7 other beaches that experience low tides. Even at the peak the water does not reach to chest level so you can walk across the beach waters to reach the white sanded beaches.   Charter Cruising Yacht La Paz is the best transport to reach Balandra and tourists can avail the onboard kayaks, dinghies or paddle boards to reach the beach.

Swim with sea lions

 It is top of the rung swimming experience even if you are novice swimmer. Swimming with sea lions is a lifetime experience and you can do this at San Rafaelito and Los Islets situated in Isla Espiritu Santo.  It is a dream come true experience that the private chartered yachts can provide to you. You can put on the snorkel equipment and plunge in to the waters to watch the amazing sea lions and also play with them.

Watch spectacular La Paz sunset

You can do this for free and all you need to do is to reach a elevated place in the city or be at the Malecon. You can also hire a boat to wallow into the sea of Cortez where you can watch the sunset unobstructed. Cerro de la Calavera is the most popular heights to watch La Paz sunsets because it is a rocky cliff face which is weathered.

Vacation yacht charter la paz mexico | Private yacht charters la paz mexico

You can book wonderful La Paz sea tours and swim with whales and sea lions with Baja Pacifica, Captains Sunset Bar, located in the Marina Palmira. You can contact the tour organizers on phone number 214-974-0501 (English Only) or (52) 624-128-5666 (Spanish, English, German) and book your yacht cruise.

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