Will it be worth doing an MBBS degree from Russia?

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MBBS from Russia is the choice of Indian students who aspire to study MBBS abroad for better career prospects. The majority of students aspire to study MBBS to succeed as doctors in their respective fields. Both Russia and India are excellent places to study medicine (MBBS). Due to fierce competition in India and ever-rising MBBS costs, many Indian candidates opt to pursue their studies overseas.

Many international nations such as Russia offer the greatest possibilities for Indian students to study MBBS. Students who want to study MBBS in Russia or India can compare the two nations’ medical programs thoroughly and determine which is the best fit for them.

MBBS in Russia for Indian students

MBBS in Russian medical college

Medical students who wish to pursue MBBS and become doctors primarily choose to study MBBS in Russia. Russia’s medical universities charge reasonable fees for excellent instruction. In terms of offering top-notch medical education, Russia is ranked eighth. Russian medical universities hold accreditation from the European Council, MCI, and WHO.

After completing their MBBS in Russia, students are granted an M.D. (Physician), which is the same as an MBBS in India. Approximately fifty-seven medical universities in Russia offer MBBS programs in both English and Russian. Six years, including a one-year internship, make up the MBBS  in Russia.

Benefits of MBBS study in Russia for Indian students

  • International recognition is accorded to medical degrees earned from Russian medical universities.
  • To facilitate their registration as medical practitioners in India, students from Russian medical universities are also trained in the administration of the MCI screening test.
  • To be admitted to any Russia MBBS College, there is no capitation or donation fee required.
  • Russian medical universities charge reasonable prices for their MBBS programs.
  • No entrance exam is necessary to apply for admission to Russian medical universities’ MBBS programs.
  • Indian students studying MBBS in Russia are also exposed to various Russian customs and cultures.
  • Because the medical degree is recognized by the MCI, UNESCO, and WHO, it offers students the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the globe.
  • In all Russian medical universities recognized by the MCI, Indian students are provided with hostel accommodations and Indian cuisine.
  • Modern teaching methods are used in Russian medical universities, which also boast first-rate facilities with state-of-the-art labs and first-rate infrastructure.

MBBS admission in Russia for Indian students

MCI regulations state that students wishing to pursue an MBBS abroad must be eligible to take the Russian colleges’ NEET exams for MBBS admission in Russia. However, the students’ CBSE/ISC 12th scores must show an aggregate of at least 50% (in PCB) or above. Popular universities charge between 193,000 and 874,000 Russian Rubles in tuition.  Graduates must pass the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination in order to practice lawfully in India (FMGE). These days, all lessons are held online due to COVID-19. However, students may also work part-time if they are traveling to Russia. 

Living Expenses for MBBS Students in Russia

Furthermore, the cost of living in Russia is quite low when compared to other countries. Living in Russia is comfortable because all expenses, including groceries and other expenditures, are inexpensive, even in big cities like Moscow. Outside of major cities, expenditures are lower due to cheaper food and transportation. Hostels are ideal for students as they provide meals, making them more affordable. As a result, the children won’t have to pay more money. The students may also take part-time jobs in their free time.

Is it Worth It to Study MBBS in Russia or India?

Because it offers world-class facilities, MBBS from Russia is one of the top choices for medical students applying to MBBS programs. Approximately 10,000 foreign students are admitted to Russian medical universities each year to pursue medical careers. The cost of attending Russian medical universities is far lower than that of Indian private medical schools. English is currently the coaching language in Russian medical institutes and universities. 

An important option for undergraduates pursuing an MBBS is India. In terms of training and research programs, MBBS is the most highly regarded program in India. For students to apply for MBBS  in India, they must pass the NEET Entrance Exam. Upon passing the entrance exam, candidates pursuing an MBBS in India would receive a letter of clearance. The greatest course of study for medical professionals who wish to become doctors or surgeons in India is MBBS. A Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery degree is granted in India upon the completion of the MBBS program.

To cut a long story short it can be said that the greatest option for students in Russia is to choose MBBS. For admission to a major, neither the entrance exam nor the language test are necessary. For students who wish to learn more about Russia, this career presents doors. In India, there are twenty institutions with more than four thousand students. In contrast to countries in the West, there are comparatively more sponsorships. The cost of tuition is far lower than in other nations. 

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