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Whale shark tour at affordable prices in La Paz

The name whale is familiar to you since childhood because you have seen their pictures in your text books and so is the name and form of shark, the dreaded killer fishes in the ocean. But you may not have heard of whale sharks or how they look like and why the name “whale shark”. Whale shark is a gigantic sea creature which is also a mammal like whale, but is just opposite the character of either the shark or whale. Whale shark is huge and probably the biggest sea creature nature has created in the ocean waters. You can watch or swim with whale sharks measuring 11-20 meters and weighing a tremendous 9-25 tons. You will be surprised to know that these big sea mammals rely on small fishes and plankton found in the ocean waters and do not hunt big fishes or human for food. They are also known as filter feeders because they filter sea water using 8-10 feet long mouth opening containing more than 3,000 small teeth. Whale shark needs about 50 kg of plankton to survive and they are not aggressive hunters despite their gigantic size. You may undertake Whale Shark Private Tour La Paz to have a close look at these giants and also snorkel with sea lions and other sea creatures.

Sail premium whale shark trips to get familiar with the giants

A whale shark is a rare sea animal that you don’t find in many sea resorts or oceans but selected few like sea of Cortez, or Australian coastline. They come under endangered species and the eco-system here has been declared as world heritage areas protected under UNESCO. These sea adventure tours are organized by travel companies operating in the city of La Paz and City of Los Cabos. However you can book these tours from either of the cities. For a whale shark tour you may not take more than a few hours.  A single day or 5-hour tour is sufficient to visit whale sharks and snorkel with them. During this period you can also spot a number of big mammals like sea turtles, dolphins, flying manta rays etc. San Rafaelito is where you can swim with these big fishes including the rare sea lions. It is completely safe for you to travel in the 60-ft catamaran and you will be guided by a resourceful guide, hostess, or snorkel leader during the trip. You can also have access to an open bar on the deck which is dotted with cushions, pillows, moveable chairs and trampoline on the side to have an airborne experience.

A catamaran ride will also enable you to explore the coastline

During the trip you will be well feted by the crew consisting of a captain, hostess, onboard chef, and deck hands. The sea around La Paz and Los Cabos is dotted with hundreds of islands that you can reach by boat. There are many shallow water beaches that are crystal clear turquoise blue waters and ideal for snorkeling. It is also possible for you to visit adjacent islands by wading in to the knee deep water. You can take a rubber dinghy which is motor powered or kayak to sail to the nearest island where you could relax under the sun. The islands are environmentally protected so they are not as crowded as other famous beaches in the world. it is an exhilarating journey in to the pacific ocean which is known for its depth and the secrets hidden thereby. You can book a Premier Whale Shark Tour AND Swimming With Whale Sharks for a group or family and fathom the sea of Cortez to see wonders that you have not seen before.

Book 5-star luxury whale shark tour

Authentic luxury catamaran sailing experience is awaiting you and you should book a catamaran or luxury yacht well before time to avoid disappointment. The 60’ catamaran is spacious and luxury features filled and you can avail 5-star features while sailing in them. You will be provided with an assortment of drinks, pastries, sodas and beers. You will also get environmentally safe sunscreen lotions on board to avoid burning. Bottled water, bracelet for natural protected eco-system, beach towels are other amenities provided to you during the trip. Onboard you will be feted by an experienced marine biologist who is also the host or hostess, and it will be a much cherished day tour that you will relish for a life time. if you want to book whale shark tour in La Paz, or Cabos you can book them online  Baja Charter Office, La Paz Captains Sunset Bar or contact them on phone number 214-974-0501 (English Only) or (52) 624-128-5666 (Spanish, English, German).

Whale Shark Private Tour La Paz | Premier Whale Shark Tour | Swimming With Whale Sharks – Baja Whale Shark

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