Proven Ways to Identify Best Study Abroad Experts in Pune

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There was a hike in overseas aspirants in the year 2023. However, despite many landing in their dream universities, many had to drop the idea. But why? Several students make the huge mistake of not hiring study abroad expertsMoreover, they tend to take every job in their hands. It creates a lot of pressure, and the scholar might also feel burdened. In addition, there are a lot of jobs that require thorough research. Thus, it is better to entrust your future to a reliable counsellor.

Furthermore, this article discusses ways to find the best study abroad consultants in PuneRead more to know how to approach them and what to expect from them.

How to Get the Best Study Abroad Experts in Pune?

Pune is a city in India famous for being an IT hub. This is one of the main reasons it is home to so many study abroad aspirants. However, several claim to be the best. Yet, there are ways to identify who is reliable and who is not.

Take a look at the below pointers and their details to know about the best study abroad consultants in Pune:

1. Do Research

2. Testimonials and Reviews

3. Services

4. Expert Qualifications

Do Research

Prioritize your efforts by conducting thorough research on universities, courses, scholarships, and English proficiency tests. Familiarize yourself with reputable educational consultants in your vicinity to streamline the process. Utilize their official websites to gather information efficiently and consider reviews from external sources for unbiased insights. Investing time in comprehensive research will prove invaluable when seeking guidance from reliable study abroad experts.

Testimonials and Reviews

Secondly, their customers’ experiences are all over the internet. Do not go to their official website for an honest overview. Many of them post only good testimonials and never the bad ones. However, there are other sites on the internet where you can get honest remarks from employees and students.


Thirdly, it is better not to go for different consultants for various services. These study abroad experts can help you in several ways. They can help you select universities and courses. These mentors help you prepare for English skill tests. In addition, they also save you from long queues outside the visa office. However, some students might not want to avail themselves of all the offers. Thus, it would be wiser to get better and customizable services.

Expert Qualifications

Lastly, before you choose an expert to guide you, check their experience. Do not forget to ask if you can connect with their previous clients. Moreover, their expertise can assure you that they will guide you well.

Why Do You Need Expert Help to Study Abroad?

Do you also wonder why students need an expert to guide them while they can access the internet for everything? Attention, study abroad aspirants! It is not true. Indeed, the internet can give you many resources to search from. Yet, the best advice will come from the best study abroad consultants in Pune. Look at the pointers below to know how they help you achieve your life’s goals:

1) Course Selection

2) Ease Visa Process

3) Financial Hurdles

4) English Skill Tests

Course Selection

Firstly, these mentors help the scholars with shortlisting. They help students opt for a variety of programs and colleges. It requires a lot of research and a person must be up to date with the recent news as well. The best advisors will take your interests and potential into account. They will also ask you to share your future goals with them.

Ease Visa Process

Secondly, they can save you from long visa queues. These experts can help you arrange your documents, prepare you for the interview, and schedule one. Your visa application process can be way less tiring. An easy visa process also means an easy SOP. Yes! study abroad experts also help scholars write good statements of purpose. 

Financial Hurdles

Thirdly, these experts will guide you through many monetary aid options. Indeed, many aspirants face the issue of money while dreaming of studying abroad. In addition, there are more visa rejections due to lack of funds than any other reason. The good news is that there are various ways to get monetary aid. These experts give you the ones that suit you the best.

English Skill Tests

Lastly, many English skill tests check how well you can communicate in English. A good study abroad counsellor can help you prepare for these tests, such as the TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, PTE, and GRE. Moreover, universities in English-speaking countries often demand good scores on these tests.


To conclude, there are many steps in your journey to study abroad. This article states how to find a good expert to guide you. Moreover, several of them claim to excel in every field. However, the best study abroad advisor often offers a free session. is one such provider! You can book a free session on their official website and talk to an expert now! A study abroad counsellor will always make calculated decisions for your career.

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