Sea Lion Snorkel Tour 2024

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Sea Lion Snorkel Tour are much eagerly expected outing because the thin skinned lion like sea creature is seen in limited numbers.  Sea Lions are called so because they with their four flippers and facial whiskers resemble lions and contrarily are not harmful to human. They are rather friendly and you can swim with them putting on diving gear like snorkel. They are mostly habituated in the Southern American sea waters. Falkland Islands and Galapagos Islands have their own version of sea lions. There are the California sea lions that live in large numbers in the California bay and you can start your sea lions experience from La Paz, Mexico where such excursions are very much in place and are executed in luxury style and design. Sea lion snorkel tour can be booked from La Paz, Marina Palmira bars and restaurants and booking them early will avoid the hassles of rushing at the last moment.

Sea lions are exotic marine based characters that are rarely seen in most parts of the world. But you can easily be swimming with them by undertaking a sea lion snorkel tour from La Paz or Los Cabos. Some of the interesting facts about sea lions:

  • They are sea mammals
  • They are off limit in Atlantic ocean
  • Sea lions are social sea animals
  • The bigger they are the better they are with their behavior
  • There are many species of sea lions living across the world oceans.
  • Sea lions are endangered species thus are off-limit for hunting
  • They get health issues as they grow old
  • They are playful and are not averse to human
  • You can snorkel or swim with them without any apprehension

What are sea lions?

They are pinnipeds and are characterized by their long fore-flippers, external ear flaps, big chest and belly and sport short and thick hair. they can also walk on all four with their flippers. They are also termed as seals with long ears, and they have one extinct species in the form of Japanese sea lion. Their habitats include tropical to subtract waters of the world oceans and they include both hemispheres.  Sea lions have a life span of 20-30 at an average. A Californian male sea lion can weight about 300 kg or 660lbs. they are about 8-feet long and the females weight about 100kg or 220lbs and grow up to 1.8 meter or 6-feet. Steller’s Seal Lions are the largest in the world and they can weigh about 1,000 kg or 2,200 pounds. They could be 3-meter or 10-feet in length. Sea lions consume food heavily and their capacity is about 5-8% equivalent of their body weight at one time. Sea lions can move around at the speed of 30kmph or 18mph in the water and they can reach up to a speed of 56kmph or 35mph. the sea lions that have figured n the endangered list include the Australian sea lions, Galápagos sea lions and the New Zealand sea lions.

It will be a great one-off experience snorkeling with sea lions in Cabo San Lucas and it is safe and secure and will be an extraordinary outing with the rare marine mammals. You can use the snorkel equipment or scuba gear conveniently provided by your sea lion tour organizer and get in to the water with them. They are quite talkative and playful.

Why it is advised to book luxury catamaran to swim with sea lions?

A luxury catamaran measuring 60-ft is the ideal vehicle to mount your sea lions adventure. It is spacious and offer fantastic deck layout for lounging, lying down or simply lean back on moveable chairs while traveling. You can also experience the suspended over sea experience with the nets or trampolines provided by the tour operators. The cruise is manned by an experienced crew consisting of a captain, hostess, chef and deckhand. Apart from offering a number of on journey snacks, drinks etc you will also have access to an open bar where you can taste your favorite drink. the crew is well drilled with the exercise and they will guide you properly on how to behave with the sea lions. The catamaran also carries kayaks and power dinghies that you can use to reach beaches. It will be a 5-hour tour that you will enjoy very much because you have decided to travel in a luxury catamaran provided by Baja Remote Beaches, Baja Charters, Captains Sunset Bar, La Paz. You can book your sea lions tour by calling the numbers 214- 974- 0501 (English Only) or (52) 624-128-5666 (Spanish, English, German) and confirm it online.

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