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EWG Skin Deep® Ratings for All rejuvenique by monat reviews Products If you want to air dry, I highly recommend Monat’s Air Dry Cream. The cream should be lightly distributed throughout your hair while avoiding any use on your roots. I usually flip my hair upside down to apply it, to make sure that I am focusing the product on my tips. Then, I like to scrunch up the bottoms to create nice, wavy curls.

  • They did however reach out to ask which email I used to contact them – though offered no clarification on anything in this article; not their use of fragrance, PEGs, etc.
  • The Skin Revitalizing Essence is a lightweight toner that has the proper mix of hydrating, skin-replenishing and anti-aging ingredients.
  • Overall, we consider Monat Rejuveniqe Oil likely to have an anti-aging effect due to the use of coconut oil and carrot seed oil.
  • Overall, I still think my hair feels noticeably better with Surface’s products and slightly rougher with Monat’s.
  • Allow the product to fully absorb prior to applying your Monat serum and monat hair oil reviews moisturizer.
  • I’m stating this upfront because a quick Google search will show you that Monat has some issues that have yet to be addressed in terms of allergic reactions, and the ingredients used in their products.

While I prefer to wash my hair once or twice a week, I obviously needed a redo the next morning.

(According to our stylist, Lindsay, my hair already looked worse than the end of my typical week.)  This time I switched to their volumizing Revive shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, I still got the same squeak as I rinsed out my hair. I admit I was skeptical of using such expensive hair products, but honestly they are worth every penny. I was losing a lot of hair from my harsh well water, and the monat shampoo and conditioner has saved me!

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I am now on a routine of using my clarifying shampoo at least once a week if not every other week and Monat for the other washes. This is not a full of list of every harmful ingredient or ingredient linked to serious issues; that review would simply be too long. I chose certain ingredients that have well established information regarding toxicity and have been effectively studied. These products are not ones that change your hair overnight. In fact- you may actually hate your hair in the beginning.

Some people go through a detox, some don’t. You have got to stick with it in order to see results- and it takes patience. That said, once you start seeing changes- that might be reason enough to stick with it. This is my progress with the EXCLUSIVE use of Monat products only for two months- I also had a two inch trim in between this time.


As with anything in life, when purchasing hair care products you truly get what you pay for.

With these three super ingredients, Monat products do a fantastic job of keeping your hair healthy, full, and shiny.

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