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The USA is one of the top countries that comes to mind when considering studying abroad. It offers top facilities and options to all. Moreover, the institute you opt for plays a vital role in deciding your career. The abroad consultants may help you find the right university based on your profile. However, the process of intake is simple, but you have to follow some vital steps before applying. The experts from study abroad Udaipur have made a list of the best universities based on QS Ranking.

Let us find the top institutes in the USA. 

Top 5 Universities In USA

Find out the best institutes to study in the USA with the help of study abroad consultants. These are some top results from experts based on their rankings.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

It is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, UK. Established in 1861, it aims to prepare students in science and other areas of study. It has five different schools: architecture, engineering, humanities, arts and social science, and management sciences. Moreover, it consists of almost 1,000 teachers and over 11,000 scholars. Currently, its research areas are Big Data, Digital Learning, and others. Moreover, it has a wide campus area with several groups.

Harvard University:

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it is a private research institute. It was founded in 1636 and is the oldest university of higher studies in the USA. Moreover, it has 3 campuses in Cambridge, Boston and Allston. The area is 209 acres and consists of 10-degree giving schools. Moreover, it even has the largest library system in the world. This place is best in all terms, from academics to sports and even in winning the Nobel Prize. Moreover, it is one of the institutes that offers the best learning to its students.

Stanford University:

It is 35 miles south of San Francisco and 20 miles north of San Jose. It was established in 1885. Also, it has one of the largest campuses in the US. The area is 8,180 acres. There are 700 major institute buildings in this area. Moreover, it is one of the institutes that offers the best studies to its students. It offers many UG, PG and professional courses. However, they may be in the fields of law, medicine, engineering and others. Moreover, experts from study abroad Udaipur can help you in the admission process.

University of California,Berkeley(UCB):

Founded in 1868, it is a public research institute. However, it is among 10 institutes that have an affiliation with California University. It was the first full-course university in California with only 40 students. With time, it has grown into a leader and a top place for you to grow and learn. As more scholars are UG, this place is full of energy and youth. Moreover, the students can enrol in sports, and join clubs and societies.

University of Chicago:

Established in 1856 is a private research institute. Moreover, Chicago is the third most populated city in the US. As from the reports of abroad consultants, one-quarter of students are from overseas. Moreover, it is famous for its professional schools of business and medicine. The students even run clubs and societies which help them stay relaxed and free-minde

Process of Getting Admission to US Universities

In this section, you will find the simple and easy process to follow before applying. These steps are specially made by consultants of study abroad Udaipur to help you.

Search For the University:

The first step is to find an institute that suits you and your profile. Moreover, you must look for the one which is best for you. It may take time, but it is a crucial step in deciding your future.

Appear for Exams:

Once you have opted for the right institute, find the best test to get into it. It may be IELTS, PTE, GMAT, or others. Further, every university has a particular score or mark. You can prepare with study abroad consultants to get a good score.

Apply to the Universities:

Apply for the institutes you want to pursue. After that, wait for them to accept your application. However, the process may vary among universities.

Prepare Documents:

Once your offer is accepted, you must start preparing your documents. However, the most important of all is your visa. Thus, apply for a visa once your offer is accepted. Other documents include your mark sheets, offer letter, and passport.

Plan your Journey and Stay:

Finally, you are ready to travel abroad. Moreover, before that, you need to plan your stay. It is advisable to seek help from abroad consultants for a safe and secure process.


The USA is one of the top nations that comes to mind when thinking about studying abroad. It offers top courses and options to all. However, the best consultant for study abroad can help you find the university of your choice. Moreover, you must opt for the institute that suits your profile. After carefully opting for any university, you must follow the vital steps to secure a seat. It helps you complete your process in an easy and safe way.

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