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Unlock the Potential of NFL Consensus Picks: An All-Inclusive Guide

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Let’s delve deeper into understanding the concept of public consensus in NFL betting and why it matters. In this world of online gambling, the public consensus is the pick most people are betting on. It is a valuable tool for those who wish to base their betting strategies on the perceived wisdom of the ‘crowd’. 

View NFL consensus: Remember, a consensus is not a guarantee. Just because most of the public is betting on a team doesn’t mean that team is a surefire winner. In fact, at times, it might be beneficial to bet against the consensus. This strategy is known as betting against the public or ‘fading the public’.

Why would you want to go against the popular choice? Here’s why: 

  • Overvalued Teams: Often, popular teams can be overvalued in betting markets, offering less potential for profit. By going against the consensus, you might find opportunities with undervalued teams.
  • Public Bias: The public can be biased towards favorite teams, star players, or recent performances. This bias can skew the consensus, creating potential value for those who bet against it.
  • Unpredictability: NFL games can be unpredictable, with upsets happening often. This is especially true in games with a heavy favorite, as these games attract a significant portion of public bets.

On the flip side, betting with the consensus can be a good strategy when: 

  • The public consensus aligns with your own analysis and predictions.
  • You’re new to NFL betting and yet to develop your own strategy.
  • The consensus is not heavily influenced by public bias or overvalued teams.

In essence, it’s all about finding a balance and knowing when to use the public consensus as a tool in your betting arsenal.

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