How to Build a Video Streaming Website like Netflix

How to Build a Video Streaming Website like Netflix

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Learn how to build a video streaming website like Netflix. Discover steps, features, technology stacks, and costs involved. Start your project now!

The modern generation is not habitual of watching those regular television daily soaps. They are trendsetters in watching series, movies, and live video streaming through platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other platforms.

Do you know that Netflix has SVOD of 260.28Million+ paid subscribers in quarter 4 of 2023? On the other hand, Amazon Prime has over 200 million Prime members. It is assumed that this count won’t decrease because the demand for online video streaming won’t decline at all.

Watching the growth of Netflix; many competitors are improving themselves to become top-rated Live video streaming apps; such as Hulu, Peacock, Max, etc. Meanwhile, many interested entrepreneurs are planning to launch new websites like Netflix to participate in the competition.

This blog will inform you “how to build a video streaming website like Netflix?” The demonstrations will cover various aspects of development; such as features, technology stacks, cost of development, etc.

So read and estimate what it takes to build a website like Netflix.

Features of Netflix

When you have decided to build a website like Netflix, it is important to acknowledge the features of the platform to add them to your project. Also, one can add some advanced features to make it more unique and engaging. This will make you more attractive and eye-catching among other website ideas.

Here are the features listed, learn about them: 

Content ManagementNetflix has fixed the problem of video streaming and uploading through the drag-and-drop option. This is how you can upload and manage any number of videos, and also schedule it for streamlined video delivery.
Customized Video StreamingNetflix delivers custom video streaming, where the platform will show you movies and series options according to your previously watched content.
Payment IntegrationThe developers can integrate the application with different payment gateways, and users can choose their desired payment option for the subscription.
Real-Time AnalyticsIntegrate real-time analytics in the application, which analyzes audience interest and shows them specific content options for online streaming.
Multi-Device SupportThe platform should be accessible on different platforms; such as Android, iOS, MacOS, SmartTV, PCs, tablets, and laptops. This way, the platform can fetch attention from a vast audience.
Quick PaybackThe platform should be delivering the content across different platforms and devices with quick thumbnails, recorded tracks, replying to the tracks, advertisements, etc.
Multiple Video FormatNetflix delivers content in different video formats; such as high-definition (HD) video quality to 240 Pixels.
User Profile CreationTo access and use the online video streamlining platform; the users have to create a profile; based on which they can appropriately use the platform.
White Label SupportYou can build a website like Netflix by trademarking it with white-label OTT instead of hiring an in-house website development company.
Multiple ProfilesUsers can create multiple profiles within one Netflix account, allowing each user to have their personalized viewing history and recommendations.
Download OptionNetflix offers the ability to download select titles for offline viewing on mobile devices, which is particularly useful for users with limited internet access or when traveling.
Accessibility FeaturesNetflix offers accessibility features like closed captioning, audio descriptions, and subtitles in multiple languages to make content more accessible to users with hearing or visual impairments.

Technology Stack Involved in Netflix

If someone needs to know about what technology stacks will help build a website like Netflix, here are the tech stacks given below:

FrontendReact.js, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
BackendJava, Scala, Node.js, C++, Ruby Rails, Python
Web ServerNGINX, Zuul
Data StorageAmazon S3, Cassandra, Amazon DynamoDB
DatabaseMySQL, Cassandra
CachingAmazon ElastiCache, Varnish
Content Delivery Network (CDN)Amazon CloudFront, Netflix Open Connect
MonitoringAtlas, Netflix ICE, Sensu, Spectator
SecurityAWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), TLS

How does Netflix Make Money?

First, Netflix is a subscription-based business model, where users recursively purchase monthly plans to stream their favorite content online. It works on the 3-plan model to stream.

Here is the table showcasing how these 3 plans work:  

PlanStandard with Ads (1080p)Standard Plan (1080p)Premium 4K+ HDR
Monthly Cost$6.99$15.49$22.99
Video and Sound QualityGoodBetterPremium
Resolution1080p (Full HD)1080p (Full HD)4K (Ultra HD) + HDR
Spatial AudioNoNoYes
Supported DevicesTV, computer, mobile phone, tabletTV, computer, mobile phone, tabletTV, computer, mobile phone, tablet
Devices Your Household Can Watch at the Same Time224
Download Devices224
AdsAd Breaks Are ThereNo AdvertisementNo Advertisement

Moreover, Netflix generates revenue through strategic partnerships as well. It settles up the partnership with companies and networks across the globe. Know its partnership networks:

Distribution Partnerships: Netflix collaborates with telecom and cable providers, pre-installing its app in bundled packages. It shares subscription fees with partners, expanding its reach and revenue streams.

Device Partnerships: Netflix partners with OEMs like Samsung to pre-install its app, sometimes sharing device revenue. This ensures accessibility and boosts subscription sales.

Content Partnerships: Netflix engages in co-productions or licenses with media companies, sharing subscription revenue. This secures exclusive content, attracting and retaining subscribers.

Marketing Partnerships: Netflix allies with brands for co-branded campaigns, widening its audience and enticing new subscribers through promotional activities.

International Expansion: Netflix partners with local media companies to navigate regulatory challenges and access content, expanding its global presence through revenue-sharing agreements and joint ventures.

How to Build a Website Like Netflix?

It is not too challenging to build a website like Netflix. Certain steps are required to be followed to build the online video streaming platform; such as:

Know your Audience and Plan Content 

Initially, you need to know what’s your targeted audience and plan the niche and content accordingly. You must know what’s your niche and which content should be uploaded. Select the languages, industry, and other aspects to plan the content upgrade and uploadings. Also, be prepared with further content strategies to stay connected with the targeted audience.

● Select your Platform 

Here you need to select which platform you have to build the website; such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Also one can build a dedicated web platform for the online video streaming website.

Register with Domain Name and Hosting

Go to the domain registrar and select the domain name to continue designing the website.

● Design the Website 

Here it comes to building the website. You can also hire a website development company to build the website. Make sure the website seems to be visually appealing and very easy to navigate.

● Do not Forget About Features Implementation

Besides all this; do not forget about the features to implement. You must know that, when you are adding the features, it will impact the website development cost as well. Therefore ensure that you will be adding the necessary and other required features; which are necessary and seem to be suitable for the website.

● Work on Content Management 

Now comes content management; where you will be able to upload, manage, and organize the content on the online video streaming platform.

● Get the License 

Check with the legal things, and get the license and other documentation verified by the legally concerned person to launch and live the website.

● Integrate the Payment Gateway 

Here the development team has to integrate different payment gateways; so that the users will be able to choose the desired payment gateway to purchase subscriptions every month.

● Implement the Security Feature 

It is the moment to integrate the security features; such as SSL Certification, and AES 128 Encryption; which enable your website to stay protected and secured from hacking and other technical threats.

● Website Deployment 

Now the website will be launched on browsers and other dedicated platforms to let users start streaming.

● Support and Maintenance of Website 

Once the website is launched; later the website development company is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the website according to the needs and requirements of the marketplace.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website Like Netflix?

The average cost to build a website like Netflix is $30000-$100000. This cost can also increase if the client demands extra features and functions. The more customized the website will become; the more expenses clients have to make.

Also, some factors might affect Netflix like website development costs; such as: 

  • Domain and Hosting
  • API Integration
  • Security
  • Design
  • Content Creation
  • Development Team
  • Duration of Development
  • Designing
  • Support, and Maintenance


Netflix is the most prominent platform for online video streaming. Also, this is trending and getting popular in every region across the globe. This is a vast-spread website, which is receiving high competition. If you are also interested in building  websites like soap2today, Netflix, or Amazon; this guide can help you learn about various things.

Hope now you will be able to build a website like Netflix with a better version and optimization to beat the market standards.

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