Why ERP is the right solution for tobacco and vape MSA reporting?

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The growing tobacco industry in the United States has reached billions of dollars in business. There are many companies that supply an extensive quantity of tobacco in every state where the use is legal. Manufacturers of cigarettes, cigars, vapes, and smoking herbs provide an endless supply to wholesalers and distributors. The tobacco products are supplied through a proper sales channel to retailers and consumers. However, the wholesalers and retailers of tobacco need to submit information regarding sales, purchase, and stocking. But when businesses work with manual processes, unwanted delays are inevitable. So, they need reliable MSA management solutions like ERP to make the processes efficient and easy. 

Get ERP from The GuruWay

Guru ERP is an intuitive system which is designed and developed by experts. It aims to support tobacco wholesalers and distributors to eliminate the risk of errors in MSA reporting to save time and costs. MSA reports comprise information about sales of cigarettes, cigars, vapes, etc. to retailers locally and out of the state. It also contains clear data about order delivery, inventory, and returns of products. The purpose of this information is to submit proper sales tax to the authorities. Thus, ERP is one of the leading MSA software solutions that simplify the processes involved in the preparation of MSA reports.

Why choose Guru ERP for the tobacco business?

It is needless to say MSA reports require precise data to be submitted in specific formats. However, wholesalers often find it complicated to prepare reporting due to manual spreadsheet-based processes, inadequate information, and accounting systems. All these instances lead to deficient stock levels, delayed financial reporting, poor sales recording, and misaligned operations. MSA management solutions like ERP is an integrated solutions to evade complexities relating to MSA reporting. Wholesalers of cigars, tobacco, and vapes, can turn their supplies into significant discounts by manufacturers by submitting correct MSA reports on a weekly basis.

Inventory management solutions of ERP

Tobacco businesses deal with high-cost and low-cube merchandise. Thus, they need to have an adequate platform to view their stock levels for better management of inventory. Without industry-specific ERP MSA software solutions, they are likely to lack adequate stock visibility. Thus, it turns to mislocating items, lack of integration with logistics, and failure to fulfill purchase orders on time. Distributors can also end up making losses due to obsolete delivery of tobacco products. ERP system can help distributors to streamline inventory tracking with automated processes. Thus, it prevents them from unwanted delays in fulfilling orders and provides data for filing accurate MSA reports.

Modern solution for operational needs

MSA management solutions by ERP system offer modern solutions to tobacco businesses for efficient operations. You can get an updated ERP solution from us to implement for better operational efficiency of your business. It gives a competitive edge to your tobacco business and eliminates the flaws relating to MSA reports. Thus, promoting smooth operations can help your business to grow well.

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