Evolution of Ghost Writing: Manuscripts to Academic Papers

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In today’s world, in some academic fields, ghostwriting has become popular in recent years, both for speeches and research articles. So, ‘Ghost writer‘ is a term for those writers who write academic research papers for someone else but whose name is not acknowledged. These individuals are hired by private companies that provide top-class services to students. The ghost writers are talented and guarantee quality papers. It has adapted to changes in tech, culture, and money. Ghostwriting has its origins in old Roman and Greek civilizations. Public persons tapped scribes to write speeches and correspondence. 

During the medieval period, monks used to work as human ghostwriters, copying texts by hand. However, the modern understanding of ghostwriting wasn’t created until the 18th century. This article will talk about how ghostwriting has been growing. It has gone from use in manuscripts to use in academic papers.

What Is Ghost Writing?

Writing for someone else without giving them credit is the main idea of ghostwriting. Ghostwriters are, as their name implies, more akin to shadow people. Here, the customer is the “author,” and the writer is the ghost. Nonetheless, the ghostwriters are used in two different situations. On the one hand, they compose an article, a book, or the entire content. But, ghost writers only do parts of papers. Or they proofread authors’ drafts. Ghostwriters usually work with clients for months or even years. They do research, write, and edit fiction and non-fiction pieces. 

As a result, they have a fixed charge. So, the two parties set the charge based on a price per hour, per word, or per page. The owner of the copyright on the paper is usually the one who pays for the work. This entitles them also to alter, change, or republish the work in any manner they see fit.

How Has Ghost Writing Developed With Age?

Ghostwriting is the act of writing for someone else without getting credit. It has existed for centuries. However, the job has changed over time. Let’s know how it has changed over time.

Early 18th Century: 

The world of literature was changing during this time. Writers felt pressure to make more material. This was due to the popularity of novels and the demand for new works. But, many authors found they could not meet the demand. So, they started using ghostwriters to finish their work. Samuel Johnson is the best-known example. He hired a group of ghostwriters to help him write his lexicon.

During the 19th Century:

The publishing sector flourished, and ghostwriting became increasingly common. Additionally, magazine editors and book publishers often paid authors to write articles. They would use a fake name. They would use the name of a successful author. For instance, the Nancy Drew mystery novels were ghostwritten. A group of people wrote them under the pen name Carolyn Keene. Imagine my dismay and astonishment as a young reader of mysteries. 

The 20th Century: 

The celebrity memoir emerged during this time. It became a popular genre in publishing. Many famous people used ghostwriters. This includes Serena Williams, Rick Ross, Hillary Clinton, and Princess Diana. They used the ghostwriters to help write their memoirs. In business also, ghostwriting grew popular. Executives hired writers to help them write books. They are in management and leadership.

In the Last Decade: 

These days, the internet has revolutionized how people do ghostwriting. Today, freelance writers may talk with customers all around the world. They do this while working remotely. Ghostwriting is flourishing. The ghostwriters are talented and known for studying potential audiences and writing to impress them. They know how to write in a lucid language but have yet to grab attention.

In Today’s World: 

Ghostwriting is becoming a vital component of the literary industry. It saves celebrities, politicians, and professionals time and energy. A book ought to be developed by them. It lets them share their views and experiences with the public. Some people see ghostwriting as fraud. But it’s seen as a respectable career that helps clients and readers. 

Factors Contributed To The Sharp Increase In Ghostwriting

Here are some factors that you should know  about hike in ghost writing industry.

Lack of Time:

Many writers have very busy lives once they are well-recognized. However, the dream of writing the next bestseller is something they always look forward to. However, a time crunch is always the biggest obstacle in their way. That is when they think of hiring a dedicated ghostwriter for their next book. They use plagiarism checkers to make your paper unique. You can take your paper through a paraphrasing tool free of cost to make your paper excellent.

Lack of Experience:

Experience is a crucial factor when it comes to renowned writing. Telling a great story is a different aspect, whereas summing up those in a storybook is entirely different. This takes both time and excessive practice. For newcomers, it also becomes quite challenging to write a good book that would be attention-grabbing to the readers. Besides, they often get confused while following all the steps before publishing a book. However, a ghostwriter can help an author overcome these challenges. 

Writing Skills

No matter how good a writer you are, it is not necessary that you know what it takes to publish a good book. Above all other factors, research is also an art. Finding the proper quotes and captions and inserting them in your paper are what make an assignment attractive. A professional ghostwriter knows how to adapt appropriately and Arrange it into a well-organized, engaging, and factual piece of writing.

Easy Ownership

Even though a ghostwriter writes the paper, they always use your ideas and facts to craft the paper. So, you will get the byline. This will help spread your writing to others, and you will get recognition as an expert in your field. Employers pay ghostwriters for that reason. They write, but the name on the paper is yours.’

Competitive Writing

The ghostwriters know the market competition because of their skill and experience. They invest their time to study and analyze how the competition is around them. Besides, an expert ghostwriter will look at your keywords and your competition and come up with a proper plan to make sure that your writing looks different and stands out as unique. 


Ghostwriting is an intriguing career that reveals publishing’s evolution over time. It also highlights shifts in consumer needs, showcasing how they’ve changed. Ghost writer has helped spread big ideas and tales to the public. They have done so since the time of the ancient scribes. They have also helped freelancers of today. The ghostwriting industry will keep changing. It will adapt as the world changes. It will adapt to suit the needs of both writers and readers.

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